Christian Brothers Roofing – Atlanta, Your Emergency Roofing Services, Asks Are You Ready for the Storm?

As many of us carefully watch the weather news, Christian Brothers Roofing of Atlanta, your emergency roofing services experts, continues to stay ready for our next storm event- Tropical Storm Nicole. And while, the North Georgia area, is most likely safe from the hardest elements, it is likely we may see some strong winds and heavy rains as it passes through as a tropical storm. To assure that our customers are safe, we wished to pass on some storm safety tips that may come in handy.

Storm Safety Tips From Your Emergency Roofing Services Provider

Be Prepared

While Tropical Storm Nicole may not spin off tornadoes, it is highly possible that we may endure some high winds and heavy rains. As such, it is important to plan ahead.


Planning Before A Storm 

Every family should have a disaster plan. This should include where to seek shelter should a storm or, in Georgia’s case a tornado, occur. As well as planning ahead for home damage in the event of a worst case scenario.


      • Have an agreed upon “safety” spot – the mailbox for example, where everyone should meet at in the event of getting separated.
      • Make a household inventory of furniture, appliances, and valuables for insurance purposes. *Keep this in a storm safe/fireproof box.
      • Have a safe, easily accessible storage box for important documents.
      • Make a storm care package and keep this in your storm shelter area: flashlights/batteries, blankets, a first aid kit, water bottle/s, board/card games for the kids, and a few non-perishable snack foods.


When A Storm is Forecasted
          • Make sure to have flashlights with batteries available. Hand crank flashlights are great as they do not require batteries.
          • Have a Weather Radio.
          • Charge your cell phone ahead of time!
          • Even simple rainstorms can cause havoc while driving Georgia roads. If you have to be on the road, be sure to slow down, avoid areas that are prone to flash floods, and try to cut trips short.
          • If you require medications, make sure your refills are up to date. 
          • Have some “no-cooking required” meals on hand. Sandwich items, fruits, and vegetables, as well as your family’s favorite snack items can come in handy should the electricity go out.
          • Don’t forget the bottled water. While hoarding is discouraged, it is always advisable to have a few bottles of water for emergencies. Flash floods can cause issues with public water systems.
          • Hit the ATM, if ahead of time. If there is a widespread power outage, ATMs may be out of service and cash will be needed.
          • Fill up the gas tank. If the electricity is out gas pumps will be too.
          • Keeping a fire extinguisher is good advice for every homeowner, even if there is no storm. 
          • Tarps for covering home areas that may be damaged in the event of downed trees or roof damage.
Don’t Forget These Items

In the event that you have to seek shelter quickly in a storm, don’t forget to have a charged cell phone (and charger), shoes (if you have to go outside where there is debris this is critical), as well as your purse and/or wallet.

If The Electricity Goes Out

Again, keep flashlights with batteries or candles with matches where easily accessible.
Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Should your electricity go out, keeping the freezer and refrigerator doors closed as much as possible will conserve the cold air inside.

Food will stay safe with the power out for:

      • 4 Hours in a Refrigerator
      • 24 Hours in a Half-Full Freezer
      • 48 Hours in a Full Freezer

An emergency generator comes in handy, but don’t forget to have gas on hand to run it. * Reminder, never use a generator in the house to avoid a buildup of toxic carbon monoxide.

Unplug electrical appliances that are not critical (or should not be left unattended) to avoid a power surge damage when the electricity returns.

Reminder, if the power goes out in your area, gas pumps, traffic lights, store cash registers, etc. may be out of use as well.


If Your Home Suffers Storm Damage

emergency-roofing-services-tree-house As always it is important to keep abreast of storm updates whenever a storm event is expected. Keep in mind a storm’s path can shift instantly so it is important to plan ahead for where your family should take shelter if needed.

      • If your home is unfortunate enough to suffer storm damage, you will want to act with the utmost safety in mind. Unless there is an immediate danger, you should shelter in place until the storm passes. 
      • If your home has been damaged due to wind or downed trees, you will want to evacuate your family and pets to safety as soon as possible. Remember to watch for low hanging, damaged tree limbs, debris on the ground, and most importantly, downed power lines. You should have a designated meeting spot for the family ahead of time.
      • Once the family is secure, you will want to carefully assess the damage.
      • Take pictures of outside and inside damages.
      • Call your insurance company’s 1800- number to start the claim (do not call your agent directly) immediately. If there is widespread damage, there may be delays in getting a claims adjuster out to review your home.
      • If you have a downed tree on the home, contact a licensed tree service as soon as possible for removal. *Be careful with the “traveling” tree removal services that make their rounds. They are often unlicensed and uninsured.
      • Cover or “Tarp” your home to avoid any further damage to the interior. A qualified roofing service will offer tarping service.
      • Call a licensed roofing company like Christian Brothers Roofing Atlanta after your insurance company for a preliminary inspection BEFORE the adjuster comes out to assess.
      • Remove valuables if having to relocate.

A Special Word About Roof Leaks and Repairs

Often with heavy rains, hail, and high winds can come roof leaks. These can occur instantly as well as days after the fact. It is crucial to have ANY signs of roof leaks be addressed as soon as possible.

Even small leaks can turn into large disasters causing extensive home damage including mold, structural damage, and water damage if not addressed quickly. And don’t always count on a leak’s area of appearance to be the cause of the leak itself. Water from roof leaks can travel along structural framework for feet across an attic from its origin.

Signs of A Roof Leak
      • Visible water spots on your ceiling or walls
      • Signs of mildew or mold in areas where there is no water source
      • Wet spots on carpet or flooring in upper floor rooms not near a water source
      • Water gathering in ceiling light fixtures
      • Missing shingles (either visible on the roof or on the ground after a storm)
      • Cracked or damaged shingles
      • Missing or damaged flashing
      • Damaged gutters
      • Rotten or Damaged Siding, especially around gutters; roof eaves, gables, soffits, and chimneys
      • Water dripping sounds inside the chimney
      • Water spots or wet roof decking (visible from inside the attic)
      • Wet attic insulation


$249 Leak Repair

Christian Brothers Roofing Atlanta, Your Emergency Roofing Services Experts

emergency-roofing-services-cbr Storms can be stressful but suffering damage from a storm and not knowing what to do after can be scary. At Christian Brothers Roofing of Atlanta, we have almost 40 years’ experience helping customers weather the storm damage after storm.

As always, we stay ready when storms approach. Our team is available to quickly and safely assess storm damage to roofs, siding, and gutters. With extensive industry training, we are experts in roof leak inspections, detection, and repairs.

To us, our customers are family so we will never try to upsell you. Understanding how stressful it can be after experiencing storm damage, our team of roofing specialists knows how to efficiently document and work with your insurance company. We move efficiently to provide the documentation you need to process your claim and get your repairs done leading to less “after the storm” damage.

As Nicole travels through Georgia, We are here for you. If you suffer storm damage and need a FREE Storm Inspection or realize it’s time to take advantage of our current $249 Leak Repair, Call Us at (770) 734-6700 or Contact Us Now. 

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