Testimonials for Christian Brothers Roofing


1 Year Leak Warranty

If we fixed your leak and there is any sort of problem we will come out and fix it ASAP. We take pride in our work!

Life Time warranty

If we do you full roof replacement on your home and there is any thing wrong with the work we did. We will fix it!

Free Storm Inspection

If you home was recently hit by a storm and you believe that there is some damage we will come out and inspect your roof for Free!
Ashley is very customer friendly and knowledgeable about repairs to set up appointment. Tyson arrived on time, quickly assessed the situation of a roof vent leak and noted several other minor issues that he included in the $200 service call. Explained the repairs necessary to repair and was done in 30 minutes. Prompt, professional, courteous, knowledgeable…Tyson is outstanding! Would give the company six stars!

From beginning to end, the entire experience with the roof replacement was positive! Shane, Andy and the crew lead by Victor were all attentive to detail. I received several estimates and based on the experience, Christian Brothers Roofing provided the best value. I would recommend the company to anyone.
Mark Barwick

Christian Brothers Roofing installed a new roof for my home a few years back. Their work is solid, and continues to hold up to heavy rains and winds. My house has a “blind valley” where leaves collect and (previously) would dam up and force water under the shingles; the new roof got extra waterproofing there, and the new shingles make it easier to clear out leaves. Very helpful and knowledgeable folks throughout the business. I recommend them to neighbors, and suggest you consider them yourself!

Joseph Beckenbach

Christian Brothers Roofing was terrific start to finish. Their office, sales, and roofing team (led by Andy), were friendly and delivered a great product! Their clean up was terrific. They finished roofing in 1 day and cared about about quality and craftsmanship. I would recommend to others with confidence.

My initial request was to repair a suspected source of a leak at the roof vent. Nick looked through the opening in the ceiling which had been cut out where the water had leaked through, to confirm the source of the leak. He went out on the roof, pinpointed the source of the leak and sealed around the unit. He inspected other areas for any missing shingles and sealed any potential leaks. He was very informative and was able to determine the age of the roof which happened to be very accurate. (I had checked the inspection report I had received when I purchased the home prior to his arrival) He was very professional, courteous, and more importantly, didn’t try to add on cost.

The scheduling process could have been better. We had to cancel the first day’s appointment because the first appointment of the day delayed my appointment. I was told the next day’s appointment I would be first on the list but, as it turned out, I wasn’t and my appointment was pushed back several hours. Once the representative got to my house, he was very professional and informative. He took pictures of the damage and explained what needed to be done. He also found major hail damage and promised to help me identify the timing of when the hail storms caused the damage in order to support my insurance claim to replace the roof. As of this writing, I am still waiting for the report. Overall experience was a good one.

It got off to a slow start because the job was a small one, and although the roof leaked a lot, it was not leaking into the main part of the house. Therefore, my job was understandably not a priority. We also had a lot of rain days that kept delaying the start of the job. Once we were able to set a date and time, the worker showed up late. However, I found out that was because he was given an incorrect address. Once the team arrived, they were very professional, hard-working and got the job done in a timely manner. There have been a few minor issues along the way, and there is still one that needs to be resolved. However, Christian Brothers Roofing has been very responsive, and is working to eliminate the remaining kinks. The issues are all things that can easily go wrong on any job, and I’m grateful that Christian Brothers even accepted the job. Most roofing companies wouldn’t even consider it because the job was too small for them. I hesitated to rate the quality a “B” because the problem is a few bubbles in the roller roof that was installed. These are where one plywood plank ends and another one starts. It’s just not seating properly, but the roof is NOT leaking. This is a problem that can happen easily and Christian Brothers is working to fix it because it has the potential to be an issue a few years down the line. Since it’s not perfect, I can’t rate it an “A,” but overall, this is a great company, and I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

It went very well. They were very thorough and accommodating. They did a good job. They were nice to deal with. The price was reasonable.

Shane was great. Very personable and positive. Gave the roof a once over and put silicone on the shingles that appeared to be leaking And I have a year’s guarantee so very happy with results.

It was great, very responsive and quick. Finding a leak is always tough. But he got right up there, determined the likely cause and repaired it. It rained the next week and it had been repaired. I would definitely use again!

They came out, were very friendly, gave a very reasonable quote and did not try to push any extras. Our new roof was not covered by insurance. The other companies tried to convince us to go through insurance and charge much higher prices…..almost twice as much. The job was performed in one day and we have been very pleased with the work.

Installation crew arrived as scheduled at 0730 and worked all day even though delayed a couple of times by rain showers they mostly finished the job. Two workers came back the next day for a couple of hours to complete the cleanup. Roof looks great and after several rain storms there have been no leaks whatsoever. The installation came with a 10 year workmanship warranty.

Fantastic service. Reasonable and knowledgeable. Although it was a small job, I will certainly keep them in mind in the future.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service, expertise and professionalism that Christian Bros. provided. Shane arrived on time, was polite and very professional. He went the extra mile in looking for the source of our rainwater problems, since the roof wasn’t the problem. He even cleaned out the elbows in our gutters when he discovered the clogs there AND cleaned out our rooftop dryer vent when he discovered a clog there (after I told him it had been supposedly cleaned out a few weeks ago). I trusted him completely to be the eyes up high on our roof and to tell me the best and worst with what was going on up there. He was wonderful, smart, and hard-working! I’d highly recommend this company to anyone who needs expert advice and maintenance on their roof.

The guy I met with was extremely professional and very courteous. I believe the work was good, since we haven’t experienced leaks since. Honestly, it’s hard to say what exactly was done, because he did work on the roof and I haven’t been up there since they did repairs. I would have to assume everything was done well.

Excellent service and price, I would definitely recommend.

This was for my rental property. It was hard to get something scheduled since he said the house was too far away at first. When he did come out, he did a good job and my renter was happy. He was a nice guy to work with.

Very professional and courteous employee showed up on time, and also gave me a call when he was 30 mins away. He explained in detail the problem areas he discovered, and what steps he did to repair/seal them. At first I was leery about purchasing this deal. A lot of times they’re just a way to come to your house to do an inspection, and recommend more work that should be done. I was so satisfied with them and their work.

It went very well. Scheduling was easy. The technician was punctual and professional. He explained what the problem was and how he would fix it. He was nice, quickly found and solved the problem and we were done. My husband and I were very pleased.

Very professional, fixed several areas for the one fee.

Scheduling was easy. Shane was very professional, punctual, extremely courteous, and efficient. One leak was not completely sealed and he was quick to come back to seal it.

Showed up on time! Did the work with no inconvenience to us. A year later when we asked for a copy of the work order (we lost our copy) they bent over backwards to get it for us.

Shane arrived promptly, fixed a leak, and repaired several problem areas on the roof. He also took the time to explain everything he found and what he did to fix potential problems.

A Really nice young man came, Shane. Explained everything, sealed the area, and corrected a few loose shingles. Office staff Debbie was very accommodating to our tough schedule. We were very pleased.

It turned out fine. They seemed to do a good job, and showed up when they said they would. They did the job in a timely manner, too. Their cleanup was good – they dragged a magnet over the lawn to pick up the nails.

They came within one day, fixed the roof leak, inspected the whole roof and filled in other potential leak spots. Very prompt, professional and courteous. He spent around 1.5 hours on my roof, in the heat of the day, and he did a fantastic job!

Work went very well. I was informed of each step that he did and all was explained to me of why there had been a leak in the first place. He worked in a very timely manner and was very courteous. I was very satisfied with the entire project.

Excellent! They are extremely trustworthy and professional.

No problems. Had a leak around a roof vent that was patched. Didn’t recommend any other services or ask for any more payment. Everyone I interacted with was very pleasant.

The service went well. They came and did what they needed. They let us know items that could be repaired. There were no surprises. They came at the time that was scheduled.

Arrived on time. Explained what he would do to resolve the problem. Inspected the roof. Found the source of the leak. Made repairs. Cleaned up and took the old materials away. Final price matched the estimate. Good Job!

Very pleasant, professional. Good company to do business with. I would use them again!

I purchased a deal a while back but kept putting off repairs. Finally scheduled as the deal never expired. He found leaks were not in the roof but broken seals around vents. He patched and explained that all seals were inspected and repatched. Should not need anymore repairs for a while. Confirmed the roof looks good at 10 years so no further service needed.

I was very happy with the service. When the technician arrived he had me show him the evidence of the leaks, i.e. stains, he also checked in our attic to get a better idea of where the leaks originated. Once he had a good idea of where the work needed to be done he went up to the roof to complete the obvious fixes. He also checked the entire roof for any not so obvious causes.

On time. Professional. Honest. Will use in the future.

It went very well. I had two other roof companies look at my roof prior to Christian Brothers and neither found the cause of the leak in my roof. Not only did CB find the cause of the leak, they fixed the problem, took pictures and explained it all to me in layman’s terms. I was very pleased with their knowledge and professionalism. I will definitely use them again and I will also refer them to friends.

Very professional, took pictures of all the work and was very thorough. Will use them again in the future on any roof related issue(s).

My roof was replaced in ONE day! Originally the estimate called for 2 days for completion, but the crew of about 8 people arrived at 7 am and worked until lunch, took a 20-minute break, went back to work, and completed the roof by 6:00 pm–all my neighbors were amazed and very impressed. Rick Olson was a delight, very laid-back and a great personality.

It went very well. They fixed a leak on the roof but then the next hard rain we had, it leaked again, so he just came out and fixed it. It’s been fine ever since. They were very good. They were prompt. They came when they said they would come. Pleasant young man. He knew what he was doing, and was happy to come back.

When I told them that it was an emergency, they were able to come out right away. I felt very confident with them. They were very responsive and responsible. They were very good. I was so happy with the work that I hired him for additional work on another house as well.

The technician came out and was very friendly. He gave us in-depth details and showed us pictures of the trouble areas before and after the repairs. He was very knowledgeable and gave us lots of great advice but wasn’t just trying to convince us to spend more money unnecessarily. Great experience. We would definitely use them again.

Rick went above and beyond the call of his job! He was amazing and friendly. He was happy to report that there were no issues with the roof and told me to keep him in mind if/when we did need roofing work done. I do not know many companies that would tell you the truth when it came to them making money! I will use them for sure in the future if/when we need any work completed.

I was pleased with the inspection and repair process. Professional and timely.

The provider was very professional and told me I could come outside and ask questions while he was inspecting the roof. Prior to inspecting the roof, he looked in the attic to inspect the point of entry. The material used to seal the leak was of a superior grade and he said that I shouldn’t have any more leaks in that area.

They were personable and did a good job in a timely way.

Wonderful company…very professional and knowledgeable. Debbie, who answers the phone and sets appointments is extremely customer focused and professional. Nick, the technician, is extremely knowledgeable and proficient. His customer service skills are phenomenal. This is a wonderful, reputable company that does top-notch quality work and stands behind it. I will hire them again in the future.

Everyone I dealt with was polite and eager to help. The two field technicians that came to my house were very conscientious and did all they could to try and resolve my issues.

I would definitely use this company again, and I would highly recommend them.

Would highly recommend this company. Professional inspection, quick repair.

The representative came and identified what he thought was the problem. Repaired it. Offered to return at no extra cost if the problem persisted the next time it rained.

Provided feedback and photos. Very pleased with the service. Professional, punctual, dependable.

I was very impressed with Christian Brothers Roofing. They scheduled my appointment within a few days after I purchased the Big Deal from Angie’s List. The roofing tech was prompt, clean, and friendly. I already knew I had a small leak and he was able to find and repair it quickly. It’s been a few weeks and a couple of rain storms since the repair and there have been no additional signs of water leaks.

Showed me photos of what he had fixed. Very professional and offered a 2 year guarantee against future leaks.

Professional job. The roof looks wonderful with no issues. They cleaned up the mess with the dumpster that arrived the day before the job was started and removed the day after. Great to work with and highly recommended.

Christian Brothers showed up promptly. The gentleman was pleasant. He located the leak and repaired it (showing me before and after photos from his phone). He also inspected the rest of the roof, and sealed any places that might cause future problems. I will definitely call Christian Brothers again, and will refer them to my friends as well. Great people!

Very very happy with the gentleman that spent over 3 hours examining my roof for the leaks we found in the interior. Explained everything, very helpful , knowledgeable AND MY ROOF NO LONGER LEAKS. They have a one year call back, if they develop again.

The young man who came was personable, informative and thorough. We were pleased with his professionalism.

Provider called one hour ahead to confirm the time. He was very professional and showed up right on time. The inspection was done without any problems. The main leak was fixed and any additional problems were fixed on the spot. He resealed all the sun exposed pipes to ensure they wouldn’t cause future problems. Overall, the provider was very thorough and did an excellent job fixing my roof problems

Nick was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. He took the time to listen to my situation and clearly explained to me what he found on the roof by using pictures that he took during the inspection. Although he went up on a ladder, performed an inspection, and even cleared out a clogged gutter drain, he waived the inspection fee.

The initial repair worked well, however we had to call them back after a month – but as my husband discovered it was not for faulty work. A pile of leaves had accumulated in the area and was preventing rainwater from flowing down. They didn’t charge us for the second visit at all and helped clean the area up. Besides a good job, a lesson learned.

The guy was great. Came right over, was quickly able to discover the problem, and glued my shingles back down. It was only $200 for the Angie’s List deal — way lower than three other competitors that quoted me, and it was worth every penny. Haven’t seen water in weeks. I offer them an Angie’s List fist-bump. Nice job, Christian Brothers. Keep up the good work.

Nick was very punctual. Plugged a hole where critters had gotten into the gutters and resealed our sky light. Well done and recommended.

The guy that came was on time and very professional. He took a look at the leak and kept me informed of his hypothesis on why the leak could be occurring. Hopped on the roof, took pictures of the issue, fixed it and explained that I had a 1 year warranty on the repairs.

Great job and went beyond what I knew to ask about. Professional and helpful.

Experience was great. Deal was good. I was able to schedule an appt very swiftly with christian brothers. But I just came to know that my insurance covers the repairs so I no longer need this deal.

Nick did an outstanding job in a timely and efficient manner. He was running a bit late and called to inform us ahead of time. He was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. We would definitely use this company again as we will probably need a replacement roof in the not too distant future, but his repairs bought us a bit more time.

I was very pleased with the gentleman that came out to do the work, he was very professional. We haven’t had rain yet since then, so it hasn’t leaked, but I am quite sure the job was done great because he showed me what he did to correct it and also showed me pictures. He was prompt, on time, courteous, and I was very satisfied. I would definitely use them again.

Excellent. Nix answered all of my questions regarding my current roof and future new roof.. He was very professional and has great interpersonal skills.

It worked out fine. They came early and cleared up all the debris. I’m very happy with my new roof.

It went great! Nick fixed our leaks and explained everything he did, complete with pictures. I am very pleased.

He immediately found a leak where painters had dropped a tool and torn a small hole in the shingles. Repaired that and 3 other trouble areas. Great experience. All my roofing needs will be handled by this provider in the future!

Inspected my entire roof, repaired the leak, and tended to several nail pops and resealed where needed.

They were excellent, professional and prompt. Would definitely use again!

Inspected our roof and made a much-needed repair of a leak that was causing internal water damage to our ceiling. They also sealed our chimney which has been problematic for years. No hidden fees or extra costs. Would definitely recommend again.

They were able to come out quickly and were prompt. They did a great job.

Nick arrived early and explained what he was going to do. He invited questions and gave me his cell phone number to call him directly if we had any further issues. I was pleased with his professionalism, courtesy and thoroughness.

Great experience – the repairman showed up right on time, fixed the roof leaks, and showed me pictures of the fix on his iPhone. Then he gave me good advice on how to fix the stains left by the leak. One of my best all-time home repair experiences.

I was very happy with their service. Nick was very professional, and knowledgeable. He took pictures of the issue and sent them to my email. He explained everything and did not try a sales pitch. He did a great job.

Nick was punctual, very informative, explained the pricing, duration of the work, took before and after pictures and completed the work in a timely manner. He did an excellent job.

He was great. He explained things to me. He went to the roof and he also showed me where the water was coming in. It rained this morning so I checked to see if there was leaking and I didn’t see any water. He’s very helpful and professional. They were very courteous and thorough. The work ethic is very good. I had a very good experience.

It was excellent. My wife dealt with the provider and was very impressed! The Deal was $200 for Leak Repair, Roof Maintenance & Storm Inspection!

Nick came out to do our roof and was prompt and professional. He took pictures and showed me his work and also explained the different methods to fix our problem and what we did. I was pleased with the work and would plan to use them again!

Rick and Nick were extraordinarily helpful in providing me with technical information regarding the choices that I had. Ashley, the office manager, was very prompt and professional with the whole sequence of scheduling and explaining the whole process to me. They are simply a great group of people.

Repaired leak from boot in master bathroom (caulked boot) sealed and then put a new boot over it. Also, they replaced some loose shingles and inspected for water damage. Very friendly and professional.

The appointment went well and everything was explained about the process. |The dumpster and materials were dropped off the day before the installation. The crew of 5 arrived at dawn and worked until about 07:00 PM. The job was done well and no debris was left after cleaning up.

I bought an Angie’s deal. They were very responsive, making sure to schedule before a storm hit Atlanta. The gentleman they sent was knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt. I would definitely use again and recommend to others!

Great. Nick arrived on time and was totally professional. He took pictures of the roof and thoroughly explained what needed repair and explained the maintenance work he also completed. We were very pleased with the responsiveness of the company.

It was an Angie’s List Big Deal that I purchased. It was good. There were no additional charges. I would recommend them. He did a good job.

Excellent. Clear explanations. Completely took care of all problems, looked for any others, and guaranteed roof for a year. All for a reasonable charge.

I was very impressed with the service provider, Nick. He was professional and was through in addressing the problem and explaining it to me. I would definitely use the company again to the point when I need a new roof I will us them.

Great service performed! They came out when scheduled and the work was performed. I would definitely use them again.

They did an excellent job diagnosing the issue and their solution fixed our problem. Too bad we did not use them to do the roof replacement roof in 2010.

It turned out fantastic. We talked to them and they seemed very nice and very honest. They came out and gave us a quick quote. The quote was dead on what they advertised on Angie’s List. They were just fantastic people. Everything is fine. Their pricing was excellent.

They were very good. They did a great job. I would use them again. They are very decent people and very ethical.

Excellent. David on time and very professional. Showed pictures of places repaired. Prompt, courteous, and on time.

Excellent, Nick responded at the correct time. He then explained what he would be doing. Once the inspection was complete he repaired the problem areas. Nick is a real asset to his company in that he was friendly yet professional.

It worked out well. There were no additional charges. It was the first time using them. They were very punctual and very responsive. They came and they did the job. I assumed it was done properly. It hasn’t leaked since.

They were great! We noticed a leak in the garage, I got a “Big Deal” and called and they came out the next day to take care of it! I was very pleased with the response time and plan on using them in the future for any similar issues.

The gentleman arrived on time and explained to me exactly what he was going to do. He cleaned my roof and made a thorough inspection of the roof. He also went over what he found in the inspection and what it meant. A very professional company and highly recommended.

Everything went very smoothly. He showed up on time and came prepared to do the job. He finished in about an hour and my wife and I are very happy with the job.

This is a great company. The roof is beautiful. All my plants, my pond and shrubs were well protected. I did not find one piece of roofing once they left. The roof is great and the crew was wonderful. I would highly recommend them. They are honest and dependable. Thanks!

I was pleased with the service. Rick was very easy to talk to and helped walk me through what I needed to do to see if I even needed a roof repair. The young man that came out to do the repair was very helpful in showing and explaining the problem. I felt like I was treated fairly.

They showed up on time, performed the services for the Angie’s List price, and identified further problems that will need attention in the future.

It was a great experience. They were prompt, they fixed the problem, they were professional.

Rick even cleaned out my gutters! He also recommended an additional downspout, and gave me some tips on maintenance. From all indications, my roof leak has been stopped, and I know more about how water flows on a roof, and more about what I need to do to maintain proper roof and gutter function. Rick was extremely helpful, and a lot of fun to work with. I would definitely use him again.

Rick even cleaned out my gutters! He also recommended an additional downspout, and gave me some tips on maintenance. From all indications, my roof leak has been stopped, and I know more about how water flows on a roof, and more about what I need to do to maintain proper roof and gutter function. Rick was extremely helpful, and a lot of fun to work with. I would definitely use him again.

We were very satisfied with their work, they fixed the problem, and they were very knowledgeable about their business.

Got the coupon. Already had a minor leak. The representative came out the same day, checked everything out thoroughly, fixed the leak and made recommendations about problems with the siding, gutters, and other items that could use repair. Then, he came out two more times at no additional charge when I found some other minor issues that needed addressing. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

The work turned out great! We have worked with them several times and they have always been very nice. Rick, the owner is a very nice and helpful guy.

Perfectly and professionally done!

From beginning to end the company is very organized and professional. Would recommend them to anyone who needs a quality and quick roof job.

They replaced a defective roof that was originally put on by the contractor. We have been very pleased with the work they did and the look of our new roof.

Christian Brothers came out to fix several leaks that have already been fixed a couple of times and keep coming back. They sealed around the flashing and hammered some popped nails. The leaks appear to be fixed. I would definitely hire again.

This Company is OUTSTANDING! Everyone from the owner down is professional and courteous. |It is also great to see when people really know their job and provide you with sound advice even if it does not result in extra money for them. This is when you know a company and it’s employees have and exhibit integrity. I will be using them again in the future.

Rick and Kim were very responsive with any questions or paperwork I needed done. They always got back to me the day I called and did all the paperwork for the insurance that day. I asked a lot of questions and they always had accurate answers. They were quick in doing the roof and came back on Saturday to finish because they started late because of rain. I definitely recommend them.

Looked for leaks and found the problem right and quickly fixed it. I was worried that it might require a new roof but it was a small problem. I was also happy that they did not try to sell me something I did not need. I feel that they are an honest and trustworthy company. There was a miscommunication with the appointment but it was addressed to my satisfaction.

Technician was promot, courteous and professional. Fully inspected the roof, found problem areas, and sealed them. Leaks have been stopped. Will certainly use this company again.

They cleaned the gutters and nailed down flashing. They did an excellent job, they came on time and they were courteous. I would recommend them to anyone.

Did a great job on replacing the roof on my rental office. The office did mix my billing address with my rental house address for the work. They did resolve it before the crews arrived.

Did an outstanding job. Had to replace a huge amount of plywood beneath the shingles, but charged no extra labor…just materials. Very good and extremely fair.

If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about roof leaks, call these guys. They spent 30 minutes knocking down roof nail pops, sealing boot vents and doing a thorough roof inspection and just for $200. That is a small amount to pay for some basic roof maintenance, which I should have been doing years ago.

Had a small leak in the gable of the roof over my master bedroom. Seemed that the leak needed moderate winds during rain to cause the leak. Called Christian Brothers. Their man surveyed my entire roof and assured me that there were no pressing items with regards to the roof in general. Then he scrutinized the problem area, and assessed right away that the original construction was at fault, and that a minor shortcut had been taken. He sealed the fault in the shingles covering the ridge vent of the small bedroom roof. This fixed the problem, it has not leaked since despite several high-wind rain storms. He also said to call if there was a recurrence of this problem.

The work was performed well. The problem was solved. I would use this company again.

Friendly, honest, and punctual. They thoroughly checked inside and outside where we’d seen leaking as well as having an overall inspection. Very professional. Definitely considering them when it’s time to replace our roof. Did a great repair job in the meantime.

I used them for preventive maintenance. They did a great job; knowledgeable and professional

This company did excellent work. I was very pleased with their service.

They repaired some roof leaks in my home. I received very prompt and courteous service. I would be happy to recommend them.

These guys were great. Two gentlemen came, got up on the roof, found the leak, and sealed it right away. They were honest about the shape my roof was in (surprisingly decent shape for the age) and recommended a couple things to keep an eye on for the future. They very easily could have put me on a month-long waiting list before doing the work, but they went ahead and took care of it on the spot. I highly recommend them for the future, and their ratings on Angie’s speak for themselves.

New roof on the house. Easy to work with. Professional and responsive office staff. Hard working crew. I was very impressed with how they kept debris and nails off the yard and driveway.

We purchased a big deal to get our roof inspected (new home) and any leaks (up to a certain amount) fixed. We luckily didn’t have any leaks but we did have loose flashing and old contractor boards which they fixed. We also had to reschedule several times which they were great about. Would do business again. Thank you!

They did a great job. The roof was leaking, they provided a quote and fixed the problem. I’ve had no issues since.

Excellent service. Very efficient and punctual. Would hire again.

They replaced my roof with a new one using architectural shingles. All of the work was done in a single day. They did a great job at a very good price.

Did a roof inspection and patched a roof leak. Came back a second time to finish the repair. Would use again!

The technician climbed up into the attic to check to see where a leak was coming from, before climbing onto the roof for the repair. He was polite and explained everything to me as he did his job.

Shane was a professional and also very likeable. He is a great asset to the company’s team. I will definitely go to Christian Brothers Roofing in the future. If you’re looking for a professional that is willing to take time and explain to you the cause of your problem and fix it “Johnny on the Spot” then call Christian Brothers Roofing…….I did and now I have no worries. Thanks Shane and good luck with the baby.

They were great. Came out to the house and sealed all the pipes on the roof. We had a small leak around one of the pipes and it is now completely dry. I would highly recommend this company.

We requested a “second opinion” when an adjuster and another roofer said we needed to “replace” the roof because of a leak. Christian Brother’s gave us a completely different opinion. They indicated that the leak was because of winter ice formation and melting because there were not enough “Soffit Vents”. We asked if the roof didn’t need replacing and they told us that it appeared to them that the roof should be good for a number of years to come and that they recommended we try the vents first. They were there when promised, and didn’t take advantage of a situation where we would have considered a new roof and offered to come back if the leak happened again. We are more than pleased with a business that was honest and had the customers interest at heart.

I called Christian Brothers roofing and contracting on Thursday afternoon. Mary Kaye called me on the following Monday and tried to accommodate a time for estimation. Shane called me and came the same day. They sent the crew over to work on my roof on Sunday and I’m thrilled to have the new roof with fabulous service

We used a coupon and had our roof inspected, along with a known leak fixed. Very professional, great customer service and excellent information!

I had a water stain and was unsure of its source. The roofer examined my entire roof. Nailed down some flashing on the other side of the roof on a dormer that I was worried about. Repaired the boot on a vent that my plumber and the roofer both suspected might be the source of an occasional leak. The best part was a one year written warranty for ANY leak I might have. Definitely a positive experience, and my first with Angie’s List. I’m a satisfied customer.

Great, speedy, and professional service from first contact. They called promptly to arrange for a technician’s visit. The technician arrived ( about an hour earlier) on a scheduled date. He was very pleasant and professional; answering and explaining questions I had. His task was to inspect, repair or replace any damaged or missing roof tiles and to reseal areas around vents.

Christian Brothers Roofing was very helpful. They made sure the whole roof was in good shape and fixed the shingles that came off during the bad storm. They were very professional. We would use them again.

Took off the old roof and replaced it with a new roof. Very thorough and hard working. Project completed in 2 days. Very good cleanup of debris and protection of shrubs. No surprises. Work completed to satisfaction

Christian Brothers Roofing fixed a roof leak as part of a Roof Maintenance, Leak Repair, and Storm Inspection package I bought on Angie’s List. The technician did a thorough job and found a leak that was subsequently fixed by another crew. The field manager quickly took care of the scheduling problem due to a double booking. The quality of the roof repair was excellent.

The roofer was very professional and explained all the details of my roofing concerns. He took pictures of the problem areas and fixed them as part of the service. He provided excellent service. I would use them again.

The Christian Brothers Roofing company did a wonderful job locating the source of the leaks in our roof and repairing them. In addition to repairing the leaks they also inspected the entire roof as well as tacked down a few shingles that were loose. The employee who came to our home was very knowledgeable and efficient.

Christian Brothers Roofing removed three layers of roofing from my house and installed a beautiful roof to my new vacation rental home. The office and installation manager is prompt, courteous, and very professional throughout the purchasing and installation process. They left the property in great shape during the clean-up of roofing material. I highly recommend Christian Brothers Roofing and would use them again, if needed.

It was an easy repair and I feel like they could have taken advantage and charged more but they were very honest. I’ll definitely call them when I need a new roof.

Schedule was flexible, waiting on good enough weather. They found a window, and worked through it. They were timely, professional and did a fine job replacing my entire roof.

Seth arrived five minutes before our appointment and was very polite and completed the repair in about 20 minutes. I would highly recommend!

Good service from the first call. The repairman was courteous and professional. I had a repair on my skylight and so far so good. I would highly recommend this company.

Inspected the roof, sealed a leak, inspected flashing, etc. Nick called to let me know he was running late. Once he arrived, he explained exactly what he was going to do and what to expect. After he finished, he shared pictures of the work he had done and what he had observed. He was very patient and thoroughly explained all of my options and took the time to answer all of my questions. He explained their guarantee and their willingness to assist in the future. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Sealed vents where needed, topped off an unused vent, examined the roof and told us the condition and approximate age. They exceeded my expectations on all counts.

Nick inspected the roof and made repairs where leaks occurred. Upon completion he reviewed the inspection, along with pictures, and explained what he found.

Excellent! Honest and a pleasure to work with. Definitely will use them again for future needs.

They put a new roof on my new home. The work was done well and in a timely manner. They were easy to deal with and made accommodations to a changing schedule.

Excellent service. Prompt responses. Helpful in exploring other avenues to save money( Gave Old roof warranty contact information and class action lawsuit information on old shingle company). Pricing very competitive, Prompt courteous service, excellent cleanup after roof installation.Would definitely use again or recommend to others

They replaced all roof shingles, plus 2-3 decking boards, and ridge vent on my traditional gable roof. It was done in 1 day, seemingly very effectively. Cleanup afterwards was excellent. All the workers, including the owner, were very professional, respectful, and responsive. So far so good!

Sealed, put up new roofing tile, inspected, and provided all listed services. Great professional service.

Patched roof. Extremely responsive. Day after I called, the work was completed. An honest company.

What a great experience with a company. Very helpful, trustworthy and communicative. There’s no doubt that whenever it’s time for a new roof, I will use this company!!

Inspected the roof and made some minor repairs. Tech was very respectful and courteous. Offered some additional pointers and offered to return should I experience other issues.

Inspected the roof and made some minor repairs. Tech was very respectful and courteous. Offered some additional pointers and offered to return should I experience other issues.

Starting with a Big Deal purchase, they responded quickly to my email question and set up a time that was good for my schedule. Although there was a cancellation before my appointment, Shane took the initiative to start on our roof early. Upon my arrival, Shane took pictures of the roof, explained its condition and made recommendations for further repairs.

Christian Brothers came out to inspect my roof and repaired a leak. He was punctual and very friendly. I was pleased with the service and will definitely use them again.

The appointment was made quickly. Shane called to confirm that morning and then arrived right on time. This was the Angie’s List deal for inspection and leaks. He went into the house first to look at the evidence of 2 leaks. Then he went into the attics to find the location of the leaks. And then to the roof to find the actual leak locations and repaired them. Great service. Shane was terrific.

Found the leak and repaired it. Did some other maintenance on the roof and made suggestions for future maintenance. Completely satisfied. Quality work.

Shane inspected the roof and sealed a few areas that required attention. He let me know the roof was in good shape for its age and did not try to sell any additional services.

Absolutely great experience. I had three areas leaking and skylight pouring in the rain. I fully expected an attempt to up-sell me on either the repairs or a new roof, but that didn’t happen. Shane was very thorough and now no leaks and 10 more years for my roof.

Very professional business. Got my appointment; they came on the assigned date and on time; saw pictures of repairs. Very satisfied and will use them for any future work. The administrative / office staff was helpful and responsive to my questions. Really liked this provider.

Shane came out and sealed around all the pipes on the roof. He inspected the roof and provided feedback on the condition. He put a few shingles back in place. He called and asked if he could come early because rain was coming in. He is knowledgeable in the area and was very professional.

They showed up on time and repaired my roof for a fraction of the price their competitors quoted. I hired them to do another roof immediately.

I purchased an Angie’s List deal for minor roof repair and inspection. The reason that I purchased this was because I could see that a shingle had come loose on a roof that I believed to otherwise be in good shape. Christian Brothers was punctual, polite, and very professional. He repaired the damaged shingle and identified several minor issues on the roof where some sealing work was needed and repaired those as well. He showed me pictures of all of the issues on his phone so that I could clearly understand what he did, and he made no attempt to upsell me on unnecessary services.

I bought a Big Deal from them for roof maintenance, leak repair, and a storm inspection. They were very good.

Christian Bros replaced my roof. From my first contact with the office staff to the end product, they were fantastic. Kudos to Rick, Debbie and Nick. I would use them again with no hesitation.
Dorothy "Hayes" Magrath

Repaired roof leak over covered front porch. I had removed a piece of ceiling panel so that we could be sure of where the leak originated. Nick caulked along flashing about 10 feet with a premium caulk and found several shingles with loose edges next to the valley which had also been leaking and repaired them. Technician was young but very well educated and experienced and fun to talk to.

We loved our experience with Christian Brothers! We received a few quotes from other roofers, and while theirs wasn’t necessarily the lowest, it was the best deal for the money! They were beyond professional and fast with all of their responses. During the initial inspection, our ceiling gave way and the inspector put his foot through it. He quickly arranged for someone to come out and repair it at no cost to us. The end product looks amazing and has a warranty on the tiles that goes beyond 35 years. Our resale value went up drastically just because of the good work they did. We were very pleased with every aspect of our experience and if we ever have roofing needs again (which we won’t because they took great care of us) I’d call them in a heartbeat.

Excellent! I will never be calling anyone else for my roofing needs. Everything was very punctual and he spent the time explaining every little detail to me.

Very happy with the company and their work. Great communication with the office. I have already recommended them to friends and will be using them at our new house.

It went well. The team was very professional and honest. They checked the roof and advised that it was too poor to repair but needed to be replaced. Took pictures of the roof and within 24 hours sent an approximate replacement cost.

I cannot explain how great this guy was. He came, got to work right away. Found the leak right away. Fixed it. Checked the whole roof, found a few other issues and fixed them. Explained everything. Took pictures before and after of his work and then was gone. Could not have been a better experience. It’s been months and we have not had the first issue since.

He was professional, knowledgeable and very nice. I would hire them again.

Christian Brothers Roofing came when they told me they were coming. Took them around where the leaking was. 30 minutes later, I received the checklist and told me what they fixed it. Great guys. They warranty their work and were in and out in no time.

Excellent. Very professional. On time. Honest. Will hire again, when my roof needs to be replaced.

They were professional and helpful. This is the 2nd or third time I have used them and I have been very happy with the results.

Chris and Andy did a tremendous job. Inspected the whole roof from above and below and made the necessary minor repairs. They are engaging, thorough and a pleasure to deal with. We’d definitely call Christian Brothers when we need a new roof. Highly recommended.

I have used Christian Brothers roofing a few times now and have always been very happy with their work. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed

Profession on time. 1 yr guarantee . Would recommend them to family and friends without concerns.

It went very well. Two workmen arrived on time and found the source of the leak quickly which I was not able to do. They then inspected the entire roof and did the additional maintenance which was part of the package that was bought through Angie’s List. They were in and out within about an hour. I will definitely use this company again.

It went very well. They sat down with us afterwards and discussed the state of our roof. They told us we have some more good years with it.

Nice guy. He did not try to sell me anything extra or tell me something was wrong and that I needed to spend more money. Seemed honest, that says a lot in this day and time. Thanks!!!!!

Wonderful experience. The project was easily booked, they showed up on time, and very thorough with the inspection. Found what caused the leak and fixed it and guaranteed the work. Couldn’t be happier and will use again if need be.

Chris and Andy did a terrific job… on time and went right to work inspecting roof. Then, discussed problem (and showed me the materials needed to stop leak) before starting work. Knowledgeable and efficient. Highly recommend this company.

Provider repaired the roof in a timely manner. All work was done as expected. Very professional and detailed in explaining the work and their guarantee policy.

I did patch 2 couple of spots and the leaks are no longer there. Thanks for their advice. They are very honest and do not charge for the time that they came to inspect our roof.

They completed the job on time and on budget with no surprises. A follow up visit from the estimator to my home to collect payment after all the work was done was a nice touch.

It still leaked, so we called them back. They were very agreeable and responsive, and came back to fix it. No more problems. I was very impressed with everyone I had contact with in the company.

Rick spent a good deal of time on the roof and in my attic evaluating my water damage and roof problem. We collaborated on the challenge and he suggested a cost effective solution that I liked. I really appreciated his time and knowledge of roofing especially since he didn’t financially benefit from the visit.

Crew showed up early in the morning and finished by 6pm. Cleaned up all debris. Roof looks great. Supervisor checked the roof the next day.

Christian Brothers Roofing did a good job of replacing the roof of my shed and some siding after a tree fell on it. They arrived as planned, did the work in a careful manner and the shed looks like new again. They went out of their way to do some painting on the wood they were installing – I was glad they took careful intention to the details. I would use them again.

Everything went fine. This service lets me know that my roof is ok and does not need expensive repairs. Chris was on time and very professional. Thanks.

Technician was prompt and courteous. He quickly honed in on the issue and repaired the problem.

Everything was great. Arrived on time and did a great job. Will recommend

They did a great job. I used a coupon I bought from Angie’s list. The leak was around one of my vent pipes. He repaired it and resealed the other vents to prevent further leaks.

I noticed a leak under a window so I thought it was time to replace my roof. After an inspection, the provider fixed the leak and gave me a 1 year warranty. I was told that the roof is fine. I will use this company again.

They were prompt and professional and the service they provided solved my problems. I would definitely use them again.

Excellent – Technician was extremely prompt (actually a little early), very polite, and very personable. I plan on using this same company in the near future for a complete re-roof on another home that I own. I would highly recommend this company for any roofing needs.

The Contractor for Christian Brothers roofing Chris Daniel took time to answer all questions regarding the leakage. Accessed the problem and immediately worked on the roof to resolve the leakage behind the fireplace. He was prompt, courteous and was knowledgeable about problem. I will use the service again if needed and give recommendations to other prospective customers.
Carol McNeil

Christian Brothers did a great job. I was so satisfied that I recommended them to my uncle and they completed his roof also.

Responsive and punctual. These guys were very professional and respectful – they fixed the problem I had and took the time to go over any concerns. It’s been 3 months now since the repair, and so far no further leaks. I would recommend them.

They provided a thorough inspection and advised me on future roof maintenance.

I purchased a roof maintenance through Angie’s list, and decided to use Christian Brothers Roofing. The person sent by the company name was Chris. He was very detailed, and very informative during the whole check. Chris showed pictures, and gave a detailed description of what he had done. I would definitely use Christian Brothers Roofing again.

Great!!! Chris was prompt and professional. He squashed the leak villains by replacing old caulk and adding it to places where it should have been. It was great to see before and after pictures, so much better than climbing a ladder! The peace of mind I have now is well worth the cost.
Pat H

I’ve used Christian Brothers before to seal a few roof leaks on my primary residence and again on an investment property for a roof replacement. The company has a high level of service and integrity. I will definitely call them again.

This is my first service from Angie’s List and I am very happy with it. Mr. Chris Daniels came on time, did a great job and super friendly. Thank you !!!

Punctual, informative and quality work. No leaks since repairs were made over 4 months ago.

Service went well. Repairs included within the big deal we purchased as promised. The provider showed up on time and repairs were completed.

It went fine. He even swept off the remaining limb pieces off the roof. That is how he found the actual hole that the limb made. Had he not been thorough in his job, we’d still have the hole in our roof. He guaranteed his work, and we’ll definitely use their services again.

It went well. I would recommend them. The quality of the deal that came out made me decide to use them. They did good work. They were very polite and very helpful. They offered solutions without trying to break a back.

Inspected the roof and replaced shingles where needed. They were prompt and professional. I would use them again and I just referred them to my neighbor who had them replace her roof.

I felt it went very well. Very professional and on time. They did a great job at explaining what they did and what they saw. Took pictures so I could see what they were referring to. If I had any more roof work done I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again.

Very pleased with the service. I felt they were very honest and upfront about the situation with my roof and did a great job with the repairs. Did not try to upsell me on anything. It is hard to find folks that will do simple repairs these days and I would use these guys again in the future.

Sealed up joints and replaced missing shingles. They did an excellent job of explaining what they found and what needed to be done. They called ahead and prior to arriving. I would hire them again for any other future roofing needs.

They were wonderful. Scheduling was really simple and took a phone call. They called ahead and let us know when they would be here. We had an issue with damage that was done to the roof, by another contractor, that took some creative thinking to solve, and he solved the problem on the spot without costing anything extra. I would recommend them.

They patched the leaks and did an inspection. It went very well. They called me in a timely manner, arrived on time, and were very pleasant.

The service turned out fine. I paid extra to the $200 Big Deal, but it is related to some other issue. I have a problem with the shingles in my roof which has nothing to do with Christian Brothers Roofing, but they did some extra work for me that was above and beyond the scope of what I originally hired them for.

The roofer guy was on time, polite, informative and thoroughly professional. He identified problems that we already knew about, and another that we did not, and made the necessary repairs quickly and completely. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again for any roofing needs and would absolutely recommend them to friends and family. Very pleased with this deal!

The service was pretty good so far. They seemed pretty knowledgeable about what they did. They were easy to talk to and pretty timely. They did not charge me more than the $200 Big Deal.

Repairmen called ahead requesting to come earlier as he was ahead of schedule. He was able to come approximately 1/2 hour earlier than scheduled. The gentleman was courteous and professional. He first listened to my reasons for scheduling service, he then inspected the roof and made necessary repairs. Afterwards he explained what he had done and why. I would use them again.

I can’t remember the name of the man that came out but he was very courteous and very nice and did a good job. Office staff is very nice and courteous pleasure to work with.

Everything went well and he was very thorough with explaining what he checked for and what he found. It was nice to see the pictures that he took to accompany his explanations. Very nice and personable guy! I would definitely use them again!

The company representative was professional, well dressed, and articulate and was able to fix the leak in my roof quickly. Everything was cleaned up after he left. Will definitely go through them again in the future. Awesome service from friendly people it doesn’t get much better than that.

Shane arrived on time and my wife said that he was great. Hopefully we won’t need them again anytime soon, but we would certainly call them if necessary. They scheduled within 24 hours and very professional in all aspects of the transaction. Not all of the Big Deals have been a success but one like this makes up for mediocre experiences with a few other providers.

They came to inspect leaks in the roof/patch leaks. Did an outstanding job and were thorough, professional, and extremely helpful in their approach.

Great company. Did my roof in one day and it looks beautiful, and all the leaks are gone. Also it wasn’t as loud as I expected. I would recommend them to everyone!

Friendly, punctual, did the work quickly and I didn’t even have to be home for it – came home to a clean yard (no mess left behind) and a dry laundry room. Will be hiring them to replace the roof with the insurance claim, too.

Superb. Nick was a consummate professional and a joy to have provide this service. His inspection was thorough and the handful of small fixes will get us additional life out of our roof. When the time comes for us to replace the roof, we will definitely have Christian Brothers do the job. The absolute highest recommendation for certain.

A really good experience – punctual, super pleasant, thorough, on time, problem solved and when it turned out it wasn’t completely solved, he came back and worked on it again and said that if it was still a problem, he’d gladly come back again. I would definitely turn to them again for any roofing repairs, replacement etc.

My service provider was Nick. He was very professional. Nick explained what he was going to do and then he took pictures of what he’d done. That’s customer service!

They were quick with scheduling and I didn’t have to be home for them to get to work. They sent me satellite images, and I got my choice of shingles. They got it done in a day. It was a quick turn around and that is what I was looking for.

The leak in the roof has been fixed and I have not seen any issues with it yet. Shane was very honest in his assessment of the roof and was open to giving recommendations on other questions I had on windows and doors that have leaked.

Everyone we interacted with was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. They worked with our schedule. Shane went above and beyond the scope of work – just because it was the right thing to do. Would absolutely recommend them

Special thanks to Gennadi Zabeline who did work. Very professional and excellent
communication. Were on time for work to done. Did only what was necessary and did not
charged too much.
Pravin Bhole

From inspection of roof to delivery of product and installation was complete on time. All my concerns were answered on time. Shane and team work very closely with this install.
Amar Patel

It was the perfect experience! Prompt, pleasant and reasonably priced. They were able to schedule me for an appointment in a timely fashion. Tyson came on time, found the problem, explained it to me and quickly repaired it.
Georgia Sanders

Great! They arrived on time. Tyson was very friendly and explained the repairs. No surprise charges. Repairs were done quickly.
Kim Corn

The entire process went very well, I would highly recommend them and would use them again on another home. Job site was clean, job was completed on time, price was competitive, and crew was nice and professional.
Ian Wild

Excellent customer service, easy to work with and they do what they say they’ll do and keep to the quoted price. Reasonably priced.
Jim Rabon

Christian Brothers came out to fix a leak in my roof. They were very professional and
addressed my concern and so far so good. I will use them when it comes time to replace my roof in the future. Unbeatable price, excellent customer service.
Cory Bearden

Had such a great experience! The technician was prompt for each meeting and he worked closely with my insurance company to get my roof replaced in a timely manner. The office was a pleasure to work with and would absolutely recommend them.
Ashley Bearden

It went very well. The roofing materials and the dumpster were dropped the day before. The roofing crew arrived at 6:15 the next morning, and finished at 7:30 that evening. I am very pleased with the whole process.
Bill Manus

Jordan was very professional, knowledgeable and honest.
Bruce Byrne

Great! They diagnosed it as a problem with the mortar in the chimney as being porous and they were able to temporarily caulk and seal the cracks until we could get a mason worker out. This is the second time we’ve used them, and they’ve always been great.
Richard Guy

Professional and into all the details. I’m very pleased with the work performed.
Doug Andersen

Andy was great to work with and very professional. We’re extremely happy with the attention to detail and the final product.
David Schwartz

Small Roof Leak. Appointment took a few weeks to get (I did not opt for emergency service) but this is apparently pretty standard for roofing companies. I tried 3 other companies, some had double the wait of Christian. Job well done.
Robert Jameson

Had a roof leak and Ben Carson, from Christian Brothers Roofing came out, gave us a quote but then went a step further to just fix the issue while he was here. Service was courteous, fast, clean, and we were kept up to date with information all during the work. I highly recommend
Greg Eslinger

Shane came out initially and brought all the information to fully explain the choice of
shingles, cost and the day we could schedule the appointment. They arrived on schedule, did a fantastic job and cleaned up very well. They did an outstanding job, very pleased.
James Brown

Prompt, professional and HONEST. Wonderful experience. I highly recommend.
Tanya Robinson

This company is phenomenal. They are timely, courteous, and their work is beyond
reproach. I’ve used them 2 times and will use them when I have my roof replaced. You can’t go wrong using them!
Melissa Milam

Prompt, professional and high quality work. I would definitely recommend Christian for all of your roofing needs.
Steve Johnson

Andy came out to inspect our 11 year old roof that has discontinued atlas chalet shingles. He was very professional, courteous, and approachable about our roof. He did a thorough inspection both inside and out and gave us what we feel is an honest assessment.
Colin Chadwick

If you’re looking for a great company that does awesome work call Christian Brothers
Roofing they are fabulous. Gave them a call, scheduled a time, they came out did there thing, and within a couple days had the quote and a few weeks later brand new roof looks amazing.
John Speropoulos Jr

Very well, Andy was very professional, explained the problem very well and took care of it.
Claude Boudoux

Extremely pleased with our new roof as well as the professionalism of the entire team. Christian Brothers handled our insurance claim with ease, completed the work on-time, and followed up promptly. Highly, HIGHLY recommend.
Arthur IV

Thanks to Christian Brothers for a great job on replacing our roof shingles. Their team was very efficient and cleanup was thorough. Thanks also to Shane Lively for keeping us well informed throughout the process.
Dudley Bowers

The gentleman was very professional; showed up early! Inspected the roof and even did a little extra on a loose pipe. Very nice and very professional!! will def use again.
Tonju Francois

Alex is very good and nice guy, took pictures of all the places having issues, explained what he was going to do, and did a great job fixing the leaks. Will hire again for future roof
Wenfeng Zhang

They were great to deal with. Shane was very responsive, professional and answered all of
my questions and texts very promptly. There was no pressure unlike some other companies and my dealing with Shane was the main reason I went with them.
Michele Jackson

Amazing! He was very professional, punctual, and very helpful. I will definitely recommend their services.
Krystal Hunter

Simple, easy, efficient service, and trustworthy.
Anna Jefcoat

Alex came to look at a leak. He was professional and explained the problem. He was able to patch the leak and found another area that needed to be addressed. He was thorough and took pictures so that he could show us everything he was seeing.
Christine Tarallo

Very smooth. On time, professional, honest in advising what may or may not need to be done.
An Zhou

Andy & Jordan did a great job. I was impressed with their professionalism and enthusiasm. I strongly recommend them and would not hesitate to hire them again!
Patrick Carey

Excellent group of people. Honesty is hard to come by these days, but these guys are gems.
Gaurav Ahuja

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