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Christian Brothers Roofing is a faith-based, licensed and BBB accredited contractor that excels in roof replacement, roof repair, and commercial roofing work.

When most homeowners replace their roofs, they do so for functional reasons, and this makes sense – having a working roof is more important than anything else. However, homeowners do often replace their roofs alongside other home exterior makeovers, such as new siding or a fresh coat of paint, to make the whole home look new again. This can dramatically increase the resale value of a home, making it a smart investment.

As experienced, professional Georgia roofing contractors, we can help you decide which roofing services and materials are right for your needs and budget. We work with a variety of materials to ensure you get a look you love!

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Recent Customer Testimonials

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service, expertise, and professionalism that Christian Brothers Roofing provided.
Carolyn T. of Marietta, GA

Very professional and courteous. Employee showed up on time, also gave me a call when he was 30 minutes away. He explained in detail problem areas he discovered.
Eddie M. of Marietta, GA

My roof was replaced in ONE day! Originally the estimate called for 2 days for completion, but the crew of about 8 people arrived at 7 am and worked until lunch, took a 20-minute break, went back to work, and completed the roof by 6:00 pm–all my neighbors were amazed and very impressed.
Helen W. of Alpharetta, GA

Roof concerns go beyond the roofing material

When a roofing contractor evaluates the condition of your roof, they will first inspect the damage to the shingles or other roofing material. But to decide whether roof repair or new roof installation is the best choice for your roof, make sure your roofer looks at some related features and elements:
  • Gutters and downspouts. Basements can flood and exterior details can be damaged if gutters and downspouts don’t move water off the roof and away from the foundation. Prevent this problem by making sure your gutters are free of clogs, your downspouts are connected securely, and any long gutter runs are pitched properly to minimize overflows.
  • Roof flashing. The roofing contractor should check the flashing around chimneys, vent stacks and skylights, as well as step and valley flashing.
  • Skylights. During a roof inspection, it’s also smart to inspect the glazing seals between the skylight glass and the aluminum glazing bars. Leaks in these areas can often be repaired with a special sealant.
  • Roof ventilation. Soffit vents and ridge vents rarely require maintenance or repair, but gable vents can give insects and rodents access to your attic if they are not properly screened. These vents may need to be inspected from inside your attic as well as from the house exterior.

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No matter how well your roof is maintained, eventually all roofs wear out and need replacing. However, keeping on top of minor repairs can make sure they don’t turn into unnecessary, costly problems that cause you to prematurely replace your roof. Having an experienced contractor like Christian Brothers Roofing inspect for common roofing problems can save you time and money in the future!

The professionals at Christian Brothers Roofing can assess the condition of your roof and determine any early signs of roof failure. Contact us today for a free roofing cost estimate in Marietta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Atlanta, Smyrna, Gainesville, Mableton, Tucker, Kennesaw, Peachtree Corners, and surrounding areas.

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