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Year after year, storms upend the lives of homeowners all around Atlanta. Trees and tree limbs falling onto roofs during storms is all too common, and the damage caused by storms can vary dramatically. If your home has become the victim of that all-too-familiar thunderstorm or hail storm, you’re most likely feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start your home’s recovery process. We here at Christian Brothers Roofing, a professional roofing company servicing the Atlanta area, have compiled a list of steps to help guide you if you find yourself wondering about the next steps after being affected by storm damage.

The roof is part of the first line of defense against the elements so even the slightest crack in that defense can leave the home susceptible to leaks, wildlife, and further damage. Knowing what to do in the case of storm damage can help you remain safe, receive the compensation you deserve from your insurance company, and get your home feeling like home again.

Common Causes of Roof Damage


Roof damage caused by a tree falling over or limbs and branches falling off and landing on the roof is probably the most notorious. Snow, wind, rain, and more can all act as the catalyst that brings down that big Georgia pine tree.


Hail damage to the roof is another familiar sight. Although hail storms typically last only a few minutes and the hail itself may not be impressively large, they can leave your roof with little dents and wear down your roof’s shingles. The granules on shingles are essential for a roof and keeping your home in good condition. If your asphalt shingles are smooth and worn down by hail, it’s time to get your roof serviced.


Whether it’s sustained, heavy winds, or a sudden gust of forceful wind, shingles can take a beating without giving out. However, the wind sometimes wins that fight, which leads to ripped, blown off, or curled shingles. This leaves the bare roof exposed to the elements and should be addressed ASAP.

The Steps to Take

Safety First

When assessing storm damage, an important part of the process involves assessing the safety of you and your family. Imagine one of those big, not too uncommon storms rolling through your Atlanta suburb. Maybe you hear a snap and then a loud thud ring out from your roof—that overhanging pine tree limb finally met its match. Whatever the damage, it is important to ensure that the home is safe to be in, first and foremost. This could entail moving people or pets to a safe part of the home or removing them from the home completely. It could also entail ensuring no exposed wires are at risk of causing damage to anyone. If necessary, seek emergency services as soon as possible.

Assess the Damage and Take Pictures

It is critical to personally assess and document the damage caused by the storm, both inside and outside the home, as you know best what your items looked like prior to the damage. Getting pictures, safely, of any and all damage from busted windows and roofs to a broken grill or television will greatly benefit you if you reach out to your insurance company to file a claim. If you spot some damage that is a serious and immediate threat, such as downed power lines or a broken gas line, immediately call the proper authorities to have it barricaded off until the danger can be taken care of.

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Contact the Professionals

You can get back on your feet in times like these. Finding a reliable roof repair company with a knowledgeable staff can be a game changer. They will help assess the damage and pair you with a solution that is ideal for your circumstances.

roofing company Atlanta Deciding on a trustworthy roofing company will help save you stress and money. If you live in the Atlanta or Metro Atlanta area, Christian Brothers Roofing will gladly respond to the call and help with a free estimate.

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The process of recovering from storm damage to your home can involve a lot of moving parts and communication with several different people at once. With Christian Brothers Roofing, servicing Atlanta and the surrounding areas, your roof repair worries and questions can be put to rest. Find out why Christian Brothers Roofing is one of Atlanta’s most trusted roofing companies. If you would like to contact us with questions or to schedule a roofing service, give us a call at 678-833-0360 or visit our website.

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