When we think of home care and home maintenance, our attention tends to head straight to the interior of our properties. This makes sense. This is the space we spend the most time in, that we see the most and what springs to mind when we think of home sweet home.

But it’s important that you pay good attention to the exteriors of your home too. One area that tends to go particularly neglected is your roof. The roof of your home, however, provides you with protection from the elements, helps to keep your home warm in the winter, temperature controlled and ventilated in the summer and various other important roles.

So, show it a little TLC. As we approach the winter months, it’s essential that you winterize your roof properly, so here’s a short checklist from us here at Christian Brothers Roofing to help you achieve this goal!

Clear Clogged Gutters and Downspouts

The gutters on your roof play an important role in the maintenance of your entire property. Gutters direct water, from rainfall and other scenarios, off your roof and away from the foundations of your property. This can prevent structural damage in the long run. However, these fixtures do tend to require cleaning and clearing every once in a while. This is because dirt, debris, leaves and other items fall and land in your gutters. At a point, they will become clogged and will stop functioning properly. The good news is that clearing your gutters is a simple and straightforward task for professionals and won’t take long to rectify!

Carry Out a Roof Inspection

Damage and important repairs are difficult to spot from the ground. So, you should have professionals like us carry out an in-depth, comprehensive roof inspection. This will give us the opportunity to carry out a full survey of your roof, identifying any problems and putting wrongs to right as soon as possible. Whether that’s replacing a broken tile, patching up an open area or anything else.

Insulate Your Attic

Insulation is an important factor in any roof. Heat rises, meaning that it will easily leave an uninsulated roof. If your attic is insulated, you will prevent heat loss and keep more warmth inside your home. This is more environmentally friendly, will keep your home nice and toasty through the colder months and can also reduce your energy bills. Make sure to have your insulation properly checked to ensure that it’s up to scratch.

Inspect Your Chimney

Many of our happy clients will vouch for the importance of a chimney inspection leading up to the winter months. Most homes will use the fireplace more during the winter months in a bid to warm up their property when the cold and chills hit. Making sure that the chimney is completely free from debris and other forms of build up can make sure that smoke can easily and safely leave your home, reducing the risk of fire spreading throughout your home, rather than remaining contained.

These are just a few areas of winterization for your roof, but each is extremely important. Our team will happily provide a range of winterizing roof services, so make sure to reach out for advice, a quote or anything else you need.

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