Considering a skylight? Here at Christian Brothers Roofing, we are specialists in skylights. We can provide tailored advice to ensure that you get the right skylight to suit your property and your needs, as well as being able to fit each skylight perfectly.

Of course, this is a significant purchase with a lot of potential to improve your home, so you’re going to want to make sure that you choose the right option the first time around. Here’s some information that will ensure you know everything you need to before installing a skylight in your home.

What Is a Skylight?

You can’t buy a skylight without actually knowing what a skylight is. Generally speaking, a skylight is a form of window that is installed on pitched roofs. However, some people refer to bespoke units installed on flat roofs as skylights too. Skylights are available in a range of different styles to make them suitable for different properties. 

No matter whether you’re looking for a large skylight, a small one, a plain one, a decorative one or anything else, chances are, we’ll be able to find the perfect option to meet all of your needs. Our past customers can attest to this!

Does Your Home Need a Skylight?

Before diving headfirst into buying a skylight, you should first consider whether your home needs one and what benefits a skylight will bring to your living space. Of course, the main benefit of having a skylight is that it floods your living space with plenty of natural light. Not only does this make the space look great, but it’s beneficial for your health too. 

Natural light regulates your body’s circadian rhythms, helping you perk up during the day and wind down during the evenings and nights. On top of this, many skylights will also be fitted with an electric motor to ventilate the room that the skylight is fitted in.

Do You Have an Appropriate Roof?

We can carry out thorough roof inspections to ensure that you have the right type of roof to support a skylight. Skylights are installed at the roof line, below the shingles, so you need to make sure that you have a stick framed roof to sufficiently support the skylight once it has been installed. These have enough space to cut and fit the skylight between the rafters.


Some skylights have glass glazing, some have plastic glazing. Glass glazing is twice as heavy and anywhere from 25 percent to five times more expensive than plastic. However, it is of higher quality. It is visually clearer, more scratch-resistant, more impact-resistant and less likely to discolor. Plastic glazing, however, is less likely to break than glass. Only you can determine which is best for you, as the decision will largely depend on your budget. We offer both services to meet your needs.

These are just a few initial considerations to take into account when choosing whether you should install a skylight. For more information, get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help!

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