Buying a home is an exciting process. Whether you’re taking your first step onto the property ladder, or whether you’re moving from one property to another, one thing is going to ring true in your property search; you’re going to want to make sure that the home you choose is the best you can get for your money.

Now, people focus on all sorts of different areas when viewing homes. Neighborhood, property size, proximity to amenities, garages, gardens and so much more. But one area that is often missed – and that should actually feature highly on your list of priorities – is the type of roofing each property has.

The roof over your head is going to be a huge factor in the structure, stability and comfort a property can provide you with, so you’re going to want to make sure you’re choosing somewhere with the right kind of roofing. Here’s some information regarding what to look for in a roof when buying a home.

Why Is the Roof So Important?

Here at Christian Brothers Roofing, we understand the sheer importance of a quality roof on any property. When it comes down to it, the roof of your home plays a major role in protecting you and your family. It will protect you from the elements, blocking rain, wind, hail and snow from entering your home. It prevents debris, such as falling leaves, from entering your living space. It shades you from light, ensuring that sunlight only enters your home through your windows. It also prevents wildlife from getting in. On top of this, your roof plays an important role in the insulation of your living space, helping you to keep things cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What to Check In a Property’s Roof

So, you’re househunting and you’re not sure what you should look for in your new home’s roof. Here are some key areas to inspect or investigate. Remember, if you need help or assistance with this, we don’t only provide roofing services. We can also carry out roofing inspections to spot any signs of damage and recommend whether a roof is fit for purpose or not.

Cracks, Damage and Holes

You may not be aware of this, but roofs do go through a fair amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. From animals landing on it or climbing onto it to falling debris, wind, heavy rain or snow and much more. It’s not all too surprising that many roofs will show signs of damage, wear, tear or even holes over time. Of course, it can be hard for you to get up and truly take a look at the state of the roof, but we can help. Our expert team can get up there and take a look for you! They will be able to report back on any work that would need to be carried out should you invest in the property.

Drainage Systems

All roofs should have a good drainage system. This prevents water build up, water logging and consequent issues such as mold, which can thrive in these kinds of conditions. Check the roof’s drainage and make sure that it has avenues for water to escape from all areas.


You should ensure that the roof on any property you’re considering is free of mold. All too often, people ignore signs of mold building on roofs, thinking it is out of sight and out of mind. Water drenched areas, such as roofs, can provide an ideal habitat for mold to build up. The presence of mold can damage the structure of your roof, smell bad and also pose health problems. Ensure your roof is free of it.


A ventilation system that lets sunlight and air come in easily are a must. These two things should never be neglected when purchasing a house.

All roofing – new or old – should have a good ventilation system in place. Poor ventilation systems can cause a host of issues, most notably, the formation of mold on your roof. As we’ve highlighted above, mold can cause major problems down the line, so it’s important to ensure that the roof’s ventilation system is up to scratch to avoid forking out for repair work down the line.

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