With the roof being such an important part of your house, it makes sense to be diligent about who you allow to repair or replace it. An unscrupulous roofer’s shoddy job can end up costing you thousands of dollars to fix. Future contractors might also have a difficult time trying to sort out the mess the rogue roofer left behind.

Whether you want your entire roof replaced or just need a few repairs done, it’s always better to leave the job to professional roofing contractors such as Christian Brothers Roofing. While roofers can take care of almost every roofing job out there, there are a few things they wish homeowners knew beforehand. Here are a few of them:

The roofing materials you choose matter.

Like in most other construction areas, cheap roofing materials don’t always equate to better value or quality. Sure wanting to save a few bucks is commendable but bargain hunting for roofing materials can worsen your roofing situation. Some roofing materials come at a low price because they are poorly made. What you think are major savings now could result in some serious damage and major expenses down the road.

So when it comes to roofing materials, work with a reputable contractor who will help you pick the right materials for the job within your budget. This way, you can get a durable roof at an affordable price.

The roofing contractor’s experience counts.

While it is great to want to give upcoming roofers a chance to prove themselves, sometimes a reputable and experienced contractor is the best way to go. This is especially relevant if you have a huge roofing job at hand, such as replacing your entire roof. Nothing beats experience and knowledge in the roofing industry. An experienced roofer knows what kind of roofing materials can withstand the climate in your area and how different brands compare in durability. They also know how to spot problem areas on your roof, alerting you before they become major issues.

Additionally, an experienced contractor has several good testimonials and references to their name, meaning that they have satisfied customers out there. They also know how to build a relationship with suppliers to ensure they get the best deals for roofing materials.

The contractor’s fee is non-negotiable.

When working with a roofing contractor it is common practice for them to conduct a roof inspection then give you their estimated fees beforehand. This fee may have a certain percentage as the markup fees. Some homeowners often try to negotiate this fee downwards not realizing how vital it is to the contractor. The markup fee is usually used to buy materials, pay suppliers and subcontractors, and cater to other business expenses and is therefore non-negotiable if the contractor wishes to remain in business.

Sometimes a roof can’t be saved.

As one of the leading roofing repair companies in Georgia, we at Christian Brothers Roofing have had clients try to salvage their roofs even when they’re clearly past their sell-by date. Roofs don’t last forever and, depending on the roofing materials, some are more durable than others. Sometimes a roof just needs a few repairs to restore it and other times patching a whole area will do the trick. However, if you realize you’re constantly fixing and patching up your roof, perhaps it’s time to have the entire thing replaced. Sure it might be expensive, but it’ll save you from constant repair jobs and give you peace of mind in the long run.

You should be proactive about routine roof maintenance.

While roofs are durable, they require a bit of help to keep them in good condition. Routine roof inspection and maintenance are great ways to stay on top of things and to spot troublesome issues before they become major roofing problems. You don’t have to get on the roof either to ensure everything’s fine. You can use a pair of binoculars to check the condition of the shingles and also learn the warning signs of a problematic roof e.g. peeling paint or water stains in the attic. Alternatively, you could hire a roofing contractor to conduct periodic roofing inspections.

Reusing old roofing materials can be tricky.

Some homeowners attempt to save costs on roofing repairs or replacements by reusing old roofing materials that had been removed for one reason or another. Unfortunately, some of these materials are hardly in the condition they were in when first used. Reusing them is therefore out of the question. This is why roofing contractors always opt to use new materials. It’s not that they’re trying to get more money from you, they’re just trying to ensure that they do a good job using the best materials to ensure you have a sturdy and durable roof.

Roofing contractors are not out to scam you.

Following the point above, roofing contractors are not out to scam you, at least not the reputable ones. Homeowners have a right to be suspicious of contractors, especially when they’ve been scammed by unprofessional con-jobs and storm chasers before. However, when a reputable roofer informs you that more work needs to be done on your roof, outside of what you’d agreed, then they’re likely telling the truth. Roofing jobs can be complex at times and contractors can sometimes discover new issues as they go about repairing your roof. Informing you of these issues allows you to deal with them in time to improve your roof’s structure before it’s too late

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