Your home is likely to be the most considerable investment that you have ever made. Because of this, you need to make a considerable effort to protect it. One part of your property that is imperative when it comes to the quality of your home is the roof. Not only does a roof provide a safe covering but it plays a key role in terms of energy efficiency as well. With that in mind, in this blog post, we are going to discuss one style of roof that looks good on any home, and this is the use of dimensional shingles. Below, we will explain what these shingles are so that you can get a better understanding of what to expect.

What Are Dimensional Shingles?

So, what actually are these shingles? Dimensional shingles are asphalt shingles with a twist. Also known as laminated or architectural shingles, dimensional shingles have been popular for many years now, and there are a number of reasons why this is the case. With their clean and sleek style, they can enhance the appearance of any property. As time has gone on, there have been a number of stylish and eye-catching options that have entered the market, which has only helped to enhance the popularity of this option.

The Benefits Of Choosing Dimensional Shingles

There are a number of different benefits associated with dimensional shingles for your roof. You can expect more protection from hail and wind with this roofing style because of the double-bonded layer. Aside from this, these shingles tend to be readily available because of their popularity, and they are better at hiding any imperfections in terms of the roof structure. In addition to this, these roofs are not as likely to warp because of heavier construction. You also have a whole host of different styles and colors to select from, which will ensure that you are able to find the perfect solution to match your home.

How Much Do Dimensional Shingles Typically Cost?

Needless to say, the cost is going to differ depending on the style and the company you use. On average, you can expect to spend between $3 and $5 per square foot when it comes to dimensional shingles being installed. However, if you go for designer shingles, you can expect to spend between $4 and $6 per square foot. It is critical to note that these figures are only averages, and they do not account for any other work that may need to be completed, for example, removing the existing roof. 

To conclude, dimension shingles are a great choice when it comes to roofing. We hope that this blog post has helped you to get a better understanding of the best options out there for your own roof. If this is something you are interested in, you are going to need to choose a roofing company with a lot of care. You can read our testimonials to discover why Christian Brothers Roofing is the best choice for anyone who is based in Atlanta.

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