After years of wear and tear from Atlanta’s ever-changing and varied climate and weather conditions, your roof may be in need of more attention than you realize. Plenty of homeowners forget to pay consideration to the roof over their head until it becomes a major issue, which can lead to costly repairs. Waiting until you see visible damage on your roof to contact a professional could leave your home needing more than just a simple fix. Keeping a close eye on your roof for signs of aging or damage is always essential, but what is always advised above all is to contact one of your local and trusted roofing companies in or around Atlanta, like Christian Brothers Roofing, to come out and inspect it with a trained eye.

Water Damage roofing companies in atlanta

Interestingly, and what comes as a shock to many, is that we actually receive more inches of rainfall here in Atlanta (50.4 in.) on average than a city notorious for rain, Seattle (39.3 in.). However, there are more rainy days out of the year for Seattle than Atlanta, meaning Atlanta receives heavier rainfall. The heavy rain storms can wear out your roof quicker and are more likely to penetrate the protective barrier of shingles.

If you spot dampness, water spots, or mold on the top floors of your property, it may mean that water is leaking through the roof via cracks or another form of deterioration. No matter the scope of the damage, a fix will be necessary to avoid further repairs and expenses. The exact source of the leak can be difficult to locate or reach, so do not hesitate to contact a roofing specialist for an inspection.

Loose or Missing Shingles roofing companies in atlanta

A roof that is missing shingles is a roof that requires immediate attention. The shingles are the first and best line of defense protecting your home from serious water damage and weathering, so they will need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you notice that a couple of shingles are loose, cracked, or curling, simple repairs can be made to replace them. However, if damage to the roof is beyond just a couple of missing or flawed shingles, then a roof replacement may be necessary.

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Weather Damage

The most significant threat to any roof is weather damage. Roofing companies in Atlanta and beyond receive an influx of calls after a heavy storm hits, and for good reason. Strong gusts of wind, heavy rain, hail, and snow all negatively impact the roof. If you spot hail damage outside on cars, sheds, or mailboxes, then chances are there is some of that exact damage affecting your roof. Living in Georgia means coming into contact with all of the above, so be sure to check the roof’s condition after storms.


roofing companies in atlanta The expected lifespan of a roof is anywhere between 20 and 50 years, depending on what type of roofing material you have. Some of the more common roofing materials include shingles, tiles, and metal. Other factors that affect how well your roof ages are weather and maintenance. If a roof is required to hold back a wide variety of weather conditions season after season and year after year, it will age much quicker than a roof that just has to worry about sun and rain. Furthermore, if the roof is not well maintained and repaired after suffering slight damage from weathering, then it will not last nearly as long.

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Roof damage and repairs are inevitable but easily manageable. That is why it is critical to keep your eye out for signs that your roof may have suffered damage from that last big storm or other storms in the past. It is essential to know what to look out for as well as when it is time to reach out to one of your local roofing companies.

Christian Brothers Roofing is located in Roswell, just outside the Atlanta area, and has been servicing surrounding communities since 1983. Whether you need an inspection, a repair, or a full roof replacement, let our expert team show you why we are the most trusted roofing contractor in Georgia. We have you covered when your roof doesn’t.

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