Roofs are an integral part of our homes but sometimes they get damaged calling for repairs. Whether you’re looking to repair your roof after a storm blows through, looking to repair an aging roof, or just want to stay on top of regular roof maintenance, you have to decide which roofing company to trust with the repairs. The question you need to answer is whether to go with a local roofing company here in Georgia or opt for a big chain roofing company with a nationwide reach.

Here at Christian Brothers Roofing, we take great pride in offering excellent customer service and quality roofing services in Georgia at a fair price. As members of the local community, we believe we have an edge when it comes to helping local homeowners get the best out of their roofs.

Next time you’re wondering whether to go with a local roofing company or not, consider these 9 advantages they bring:

1. They have local experience.

A roofing company from out of town might not have experience working on a roof like yours. A local one, on the other hand, knows what the weather’s like as well as the right materials needed to ensure that your roof withstands whatever the weather throws at it.

2. They know local building codes.

Your roof must comply with the city’s building codes or you could run into trouble in case accidents happen. You also need to adhere to specific building codes when installing a new roof or doing repairs and maintenance on the existing one. An experienced local roofing contractor knows these codes and will ensure that your roof is up to code when conducting repairs or routine inspection.

3. They provide a personal touch.

Larger companies are notorious for having impersonal customer care. You can call them only to end up dealing with a call center representative who doesn’t even live in your community. With a local roofing company, the opposite happens. You’ll get to speak to someone with intimate knowledge of the local roofing scene and have all your questions answered. This personal touch is a definite plus as you’re assured your roofing problems will be sorted.

4. You can have confidence in their warranties and guarantees.

A roofing company that has a presence in your local area is a great bet when it comes to the warranties and guarantees they offer. Since they are easy to get hold of, you can have peace of mind knowing that the warranty will be honored should there be any need to do so.

5. They have a strong network of resources.

Local roofing companies that have been established in your community for years are likely to have a wide network of local resources. This includes suppliers for materials as well as home contractors to call on when necessary e.g. plumbers, electricians, etc. This allows the roofing company to control their labor and guarantee a good job. It also gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that trustworthy, reputable experts are working on your home.

6. It’s easy to find reviews and referrals.

When looking for any contractor to work on your home, you need to be assured that they can do the job and do it well. While big chain roofing companies can have referrals and good reviews, they are hard to verify. With a local roofing company, it’s easy to get people who will vouch for their work. Some of their customers are likely to be people you know so you can be sure the company you’re interested in working with has a trusted reputation. Additionally, local roofing companies will go to great lengths to ensure you are satisfied with the work they do. They understand that the community is their livelihood so they have an interest in making sure they protect their reputation.

7. They have better emergency response.

Picture this, a storm blows through town leaving your roof in shambles. You call some big out-of-town roofing company but they say they won’t get there for a couple of days. In such situations, it’s good to know that you have a local roofing company on call. They can arrive quickly, assess the damage and provide fast, excellent service to prevent even more property damage. If you live in an area prone to storms and inclement weather, you can rest easy if you have a local roofing company you can depend on for timely emergency response.

8. Working with a local contractor helps you avoid storm chasers.

Speaking of storms and roofing damage, we are sure you’ve heard of (and maybe even encountered) storm chasers and other roofing scammers. These people blow into town after a storm, identify damaged roofs and try to convince homeowners to enter into a contract with them to have their roofs repaired. Oftentimes, they leave behind more damage and by the time you realize this, they’ve already moved on to their next targets. To avoid this, it is better to rely on a local roofing company that has an established presence in your community.

9. You can trust that they’ll do a great job.

Finally, you can trust that a local roofing company will do a great job. The company probably has a permanent office in your area and has been around for a while. This means that they have a tradition and history of excellent work and service or otherwise they wouldn’t have been in business for such a long time.

Support a Local Roofing Business

Roofs eventually wear down and get damaged. When that happens, you want a trusted and reputable local roofing company to take care of it. At Christian Roofing Brothers, we do professional work that can stand the test of time, whether you want a new roof installed, some repairs done or a roofing inspection to ensure the structural integrity of your roof.

If you need any work done on your roof, call your local roofing experts at Christian Brothers Roofing today. We’re ready to solve all your roofing problems.

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