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While ventilation is probably most commonly associated with commercial buildings, it is a critical component of any building, including our homes. When sufficient roof vents are properly installed, your house can breathe like it’s supposed to let in fresh air while expelling the stale air. Vents help save on energy costs, protect against moisture, and extend the life of the roof. Contact us, Christian Brothers Roofing, the Atlanta roofing repairs’ experts to receive a free roof inspection and to evaluate your home’s ventilation.

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The roof is a dangerous place to be. Varying pitch angles and roof shapes make traversing and working on roofs precarious and should always be left to licensed and insured professionals. We have the tools to get the job done efficiently, correctly, and safely.

It takes training and experience to properly evaluate, repair, and install complicated house features such as roof vents. Putting faith in a local handyman or opting for the DIY route can lead to mistakes that can only be made once. An established commercial roofing company like Christian Brothers Roofing in Atlanta will get the job done right the first time.

What Makes Roof Vents So Beneficial?

Roof vents provide essential ventilation for homes across the world. The initial and most noticeable difference between a home with roof vents and one without roof vents would be the upstairs and attic temperatures. During the warm months, the temperature in the attic can be unbearable while the upstairs thermostat can barely keep up. These extreme temperatures and fluctuations greatly increase energy costs throughout the year.

Roof ventilation also allows humidity to escape and reduces the likelihood of moisture causing problems. Attics can otherwise trap moisture and heat leading to mold, rot, and cracking shingles. All of these results end up aging the roof much more quickly which will in turn need to be replaced or repaired sooner.

Types of Roof Vents & Passive vs Active

Passive ventilation relies on directional winds or convection to circulate air and remove warm air from the attic and home. roofing repairs atlanta-vents

  • Ridge Vents: As the name suggests, these are vents that run along the ridge of the roof. As heat rises, it’s able to escape through the vents naturally. This style is popular because it blends in with the roof.
  • Gable Vents: These vents are very popular as well. They are installed on the wall of your attic below where the two slopes of your roof meet, creating an opening for the wind to blow through.
  • Box Vents: Like ridge vents, this type of roof vent allows the heat to escape through the process of convection as heat rises and is naturally expelled.

On the flip side, active ventilation works to circulate air by force via fans that push inside air out while pulling outside air in through other vents. Typical styles of active vents are turbine vents, power vents, and solar-powered vents. commercial roofing atlanta

  • Turbine Vents: Also known as whirlybirds, these vents are easily recognizable sitting on top of the roof. They house a very sensitive fan that, when the wind blows or heat rises from the attic, causes it to spin and expel the inside air.
  • Power Vents: These powered vents are also popular and circular in shape, but have a lower profile on the roof. Power vents rely on a thermostat and, in some cases, a humidistat that turns the fan on and off whenever cooling is needed or humidity rises too high.
  • Solar-powered Vents: This style of vent utilizes solar panels to power the ventilation fans that expel the hot or humid air. They are also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option compared to some other vent styles.

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If your old roof vents are starting to show their age and are in need of repairs or replacement, contact Christian Brothers Roofing to get the job done quickly and correctly. We have been helping customers with roofing repairs and replacements in Atlanta and the surrounding areas since 1983 and have become Georgia’s most trusted and reliable roofing experts.

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