When was the last time you thought about your roof? If you’re like most people you haven’t considered the standard of your roof for some time. Usually, people don’t repair or replace a roof until things get bad and they’re forced to. That, or a property is being sold and a roof inspection is necessary. 

However, not paying attention to a roof can result in inefficiencies and expenses that you may not realize. The roof is one of the main places heat escapes from which affects your energy bills; also, leaks in roofs can contribute to wood rot affecting the structural integrity of the entire property.


The roof of your home is a feature that is often forgotten about, as long as it does it’s job and keeps the rain out there’s no reason to update or repair it, let alone replace it. However, your roof is also responsible for temperature control and the integrity of your home.

You can always repair small holes in the roof caused by lost tiles, or update the insulation in your loft to help reduce your energy bills; but repairing roof damage and maintaining its integrity will only work for so long. Eventually you will have to replace the roof completely. 

Roof replacement is a significant undertaking and should not be taken lightly. You need to invest in your roof for the long term by identifying the best materials for your home and the best contractors to carry out the work. Too often substandard contractors can devalue a new roof from the start. 

Pickens County, GA, ROOF REPAIR 

If you are not ready to have your roof replaced or you simply need a small repair carried out to improve its appearance or efficiency  you will want to call in some roof repair experts. Fixing a roof properly is not an easy task and you need experts to ensure the work is carried out to an appropriate standard. 

Common roof repairs include leaks. Leaks happen when the tiling or surface of the roof deteriorates and let’s in water. You might find a ceiling sag or some damp wall’s interior. This is an indication of roof leak. A leaking roof can also cause an increase in loft condensation which can rot wood and lead to structural issues.

When you hire roofing professionals you ensure that the work is carried out to a high standard and that your roof investment will remain a long term investment. Professional roofing service brings the comfort back to your home and gives you the security and confidence of a job well done. 

Pickens County, GA, ROOF INSPECTION 

Roofs are not built to last forever. Unfortunately too many people neglect this fact and don’t inspect their roof for decades. As your roof deteriorates, however, you will find you pay higher energy bills, invest more in repairs, and reduce the value of your home. A dilapidated roof affects so many aspects of your property. 

If you have just bought a home the chances are the roof has been inspected. Most people inspect roofs before selling to increase the property price. However, don’t take this for granted. It’s also your responsibility to ensure the roof is suitable and well maintained. If you have been in a property for some time  it’s also worth having the roof inspected. 

Always hire professional roof inspectors when you want to review the standard and integrity of your home’s roof. You need a quality inspection that gives you all the bad news as well as the good. Working with a respectable roofing inspector will mean you are protected from fraud and extra expenses. 


It is not only residential properties that require routine inspection and maintenance service. Commercial properties can suffer from the same issues. With commercial properties the issues may seem a little less crucial since they are not lived in; however, inefficient roofing can be expensive and wasteful. 

When you run a business of any kind you are always conscious of the profit margins. The fact is that inefficient roofing on your commercial premises can lead to more money spent on repairs and temporary fixes, as well as energy bills. Invest in your business by making sure the roof you work under is in an adequate state. 

A professional roof service company like Christian Brothers Roofing will inspect your commercial premises and uncover inefficiency in your business. These are typically roofing issues that go unnoticed like invisible leaks. If you’ve noticed a recent issue with your roof or it hasn’t been inspected for a while, contact Christian Brothers Roofing for some help or advice. 

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