Keeping your roof intact is really important for the overall safety and security of your home. There are many specific tasks that you will often need to carry out when it comes to your roof, and one area that needs a lot of attention is usually the chimney. In particular, you need to make sure that the chimney is not going to leak any water into the home, otherwise that can cause water damage that might be a huge problem inside the home. The best way to avoid this is with a metal roof flashing around the chimney.

But how can you best approach this, and what do you actually need to do if you are thinking of trying to install a metal roof flashing around your chimney? Read on to find out more about this specific query.

Preparing The Chimney

Before you do anything else, you will need to make sure that the chimney is fully prepared for the flashing to be installed and the roof inspected. That means that it is cleaned thoroughly, first of all, and then you have to remove any covers or hatches that the chimney might have. If there is any caulking on the flue itself too, you will want to make sure that you remove this as well, which is easily done with the use of a knife.

After that, it’s time to start measuring the chimney, specifically the height of the chimney from the roof surface to the top. This will give you a sense of how much flashing you will need to use.

Cutting The Flashing

You’ll want to add a little to that measurement to ensure that you have enough flashing for your needs. Next up you will then need to start cutting the flashing into shape and size, to get it ready for installation. It might be that you need to create a valley in it too, which you can easily do by folding it over itself.

Attach The Flashing

Then you need to attach the metal roof flashing around the chimney, being careful to ensure that it is put into place properly. To attach it properly and securely, you’ll need to use nails or screws, and you might also need a drip edge to help as well. Afterwards you might find that you need to trim off some excess of the flashing, either for aesthetic purposes or to help make it fit better, or both. Make sure that you do so carefully.

Get Help

Of course, if you prefer, you can simply get some help with installing your metal roof flashing around your chimney. The best way to get such help is to go to professional roofers like Christian Brothers Roofing. With their help, you will be able to get that job done in no time, and at a very fair price. You’ll even get a full one year leak repair warranty, so you can have a genuine peace of mind about how the job has been done. All in all, that’s the best step to take, so get in touch today.

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