You should never underestimate the damage that Mother Nature can cause when she has a mind to. Several parts of your home could be susceptible if they haven’t been maintained and secured, but none is quite as vulnerable as the roof on top of your house. At Christian Brothers Roofing, we offer a range of services, including maintenance to keep your roof strong. Here are a few of the ways that bad weather can impact your roof.

The Danger of Wind Damage

Hurricane winds are a lot stronger than you might even assume, and can easily generate enough force to pull shingles directly off your roof, and sometimes might even loosen or pull out the components that keep the roof fixed to where it is. The older your roof, the easier that these tiles and fasteners are going to come loose, as well.

Impact Damage from Debris How Hurricanes Impact Your Roof

High winds can easily pick up and throw objects at your roof. This can include branches and leaves from trees that break off in the wind and blow directly into the roof. The force of the wind behind them can make these objects even more damaging, and your shingles can crack, break, or even come apart from the force that’s caused. Larger objects are going to do even more damage and are more likely to hit roofs that are a little lower.

The Risk of Rain

It’s not just the wind that you have to think about, either. Sustained, heavy rainfall can also do damage to your roof, by consistently putting pressure on your tiles. If those tiles are old, then the water might start to find its way through them. What’s more, you should also think about your gutters. The heavy rain, alongside any debris from heavy winds, can cause them to become clogged and they can grow heavier with the heavy rain, to the point that they can come apart entirely.

Making Your Roof More Vulnerable

The damage that wind and rain can cause to your roof should be taken seriously. If your shingles are pried up even a little, it can expose the underbody of the roof. From here, rain can get in free and the insulation or attic could be susceptible to damage.

The Condition of Your Roof Matters a Lot

One of the best things you can do for your roof now is to get a roof inspection. Not only can you keep an eye out for lingering damage that bad weather might exacerbate, but you can get a good idea of the grade of the shingles on your roof. The more time left, as dictated by their grade, the better that your shingles are likely to withstand weather damage. If they don’t have much time left and there’s bad weather coming, it might be better to replace them.

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