Water damage inside of your home is irreversible and may require expensive repairs and renovations. The best way to keep water out of the house is to have a sturdy roof that can withstand the elements. 

Roofs don’t last forever. After many years of wear and tear due to the natural elements of the weather, your roof may be in need of replacement or small repairs to prevent leaking or even collapse. 

Whether you are a new home buyer who needs an inspection done of their home before signing the deed, or if you are a current homeowner who wants to ensure their roof is still doing okay, here are few ways you can tell if your roof has sustained any weather damage.

Shingles Look Damaged

If your naked eye can see that something is off with your roof, chances are it is already damaged. If you see shingles that are curled, broken, or missing, then your roof is not being 100% protected. Water can get into any crack or crevice, and if your shingles aren’t completely flat and covering your roof, that means water is getting in where it shouldn’t and you need a roof replacement.

This also goes for shingles that look dirty, wet, or dark. All three of these descriptions mean that water is pooling somewhere, turning the color of the shingles and keeping the area wet. If this is the case, look in your gutters. If you find granular pieces of your roof in the gutter, then your shingles are wearing away and need to be replaced. 

Wear and Tear

If you are able to get on your roof, or if you can see from the ground, be on the lookout for wear and tear around chimneys, vents, or where the roof meets a wall or window. Check the walls for peeling paint, chips, or staining as this may mirror similar damage to the roof. 

Water will cascade down the walls onto the roof and if that area is showing weathering, then it may be time to contact a member of our team to come and take a look at your roof. Look around the gutters as well to make sure water is not damaging that area of your roof causing the gutter to come off.

Leaking In the Attic 

Check the top floor of your home for leaks. That is a tell-tale sign that your roof needs a full replacement. Once water gets in, it will spread anywhere, damaging everything in its path. Be on the lookout for staining on the ceiling, peeling paint on walls, and wall damage around windows. Bubbling paint is a good indicator that water has leaked into your walls. If you find any kind of damage, contact Christian Brothers Roofing immediately to get your roof fixed.

Christian Brothers is a full-service roofing team that has many satisfied customers who have had all of their roofing problems solved. Contact us today for your estimate and get your roof fixed. 

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