A roof’s primary function is to offer protection and insulate your home by retaining heat or cooling. An excellent roof improves your home’s value making it easier to sell and fetch a better price in the market.

Because a roof is one of the first things someone notices when they come to your house, its condition tells a lot about your general life. Your roof needs frequent maintenance practices and repairs to keep it in good condition. Here are important details about your roof you should know.

The Roof’s Age

Do you know when your roof was installed? An older roof needs more maintenance and repair work because it weakens with age. The age depends on the type of shingles installed. Asphalt shingles might last for 28 years, while a metal roof lasts more than forty years.

If your roof is past the warranty, it might cost more to repair or replace. However, if your roof has been getting more repairs lately, schedule a replacement.

We help you determine the best repair approach or an appropriate roof replacement, depending on your budget and climatic conditions in Fulton County.

The Roof’s Ventilation

Proper ventilation is vital for the entire roof’s health. When the roof lacks sufficient airflow, it may be susceptible to mildew and mold. A poor roof installation may affect ventilation, shortening its lifespan.

Poor ventilation and installation can affect or even void an enhanced warranty. During regular inspections in Fulton county, we’ll check the roof ventilation and make any adjustments to improve the airflow.

Your Roof’s Fire Rating

It’s essential to know the fire rating of the roofing materials. The materials are rated and labeled A, B, or C. Class A roofing materials have high fire resistance and include metal roofing, clay tiles, and fiberglass asphalt composition shingles. 

The rating considers the material’s strength after a fire attack from outside and not inside the home. If you are not sure about the fire rating of your roof, we let you know when carrying out the inspection or repairs. When it’s poorly rated, we advise you on measures you can take to improve its fire resistance.

How Can We Help You Maintain Your Roof?

We Carry Out Regular Roof Inspections

Sometimes you might not detect any roof problems unless an expert carries out regular inspections. Don’t just schedule the exercise when you want to sell the home but make it a practice, especially when it’s past warranty or after a significant storm. 

We Carry Out Any Repair Work 

After the inspection or when leaks, out-of-place shingles, or other issues come up, we carry out the required repairs. We have more than 35 years of experience dealing with different roof types and designs for commercial and residential buildings. We assure you of 

  • One-year leak warranty after the leaks have been repaired
  • A lifetime warranty if we carry out a roof replacement.
  • Free storm inspections

Besides carrying out repairs, we advise you on when it’s more logical and economical to replace the roof. This happens when the roof is too old, it was poorly installed or is extensively damaged. 

We also use high-quality and industry-approved products that prolong your roof’s life. If you need any advice or are concerned about the health of your roof, reach out to us.

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