When it comes to roofs, we are often guilty of only thinking about them when problems arise and replace them when we absolutely must. However, continuous roof inspection and maintenance can help extend your roof’s useful life. In fact, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting your roof twice a year –in the spring and fall- or after any major storm or natural disaster blows through your town. Making this a habit means that your roof will be in good condition, helping avoid leakage and interior damage while keeping it ready to handle intense weather.

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Doing a thorough roof inspection involves more than just looking over your roof. You don’t want to do it incorrectly then later realize that you missed something important. That is why scheduling a professional roof inspection is so important.

You know it’s time to schedule a roof inspection when:

  • You notice your roof leaking.
  • You notice some of the shingles are worn or discolored.
  • You’re looking to improve your home’s insulation.
  • It’s been over a year since your last inspection.
  • A storm passed through your neighborhood.

Common Reasons to Inspect Your Roof

You may think your roof is in great condition and there’s no need to inspect it, and you would be wrong. Since the roof is exposed to the elements, it wears out whether you notice it or not. Additionally, certain things can go wrong on your roof that can get worse as time goes by and leaving them unchecked may impact the integrity and safety of your home.

Here are some of the common reasons why you should have roofing professionals over regularly to inspect your roof:

  1. Aging and weathering.

Most roofs have a shelf life of 20-30 years depending on the material they’re made from as well as the weather they are exposed to. As they age, they get worn out and gaps start appearing between the shingles. This can allow water to infiltrate the home. A routine roof inspection can spot this and other problems before they become worse.

  1. Storm damage.

Hail, high winds, and heavy rainfall wreak havoc on your roof and can cause serious damage. Getting in the habit of inspecting the roof after a big weather event can check and prevent any damage from worsening.

  1. To ensure proper drainage.

Water collecting and standing on the roof increases the likelihood of it finding its way into the house. Poor drainage also accelerates the deterioration of roofing materials. Regular roof inspection improves drainage by ensuring that the gutters are not clogged.

  1. Prevent vegetation damage.

Seeds that find their way to your roof, either brought there by the wind or birds, can germinate and grow. The roots of these plants can penetrate the roof leading to leakage. Alternatively, the plants may grow in the gutters and affect drainage. Roof inspection helps get rid of these plants and maintains the integrity of your roof.

  1. To keep up with warranty repairs.

Some leaks and other types of roofing damage may be covered under your warranty so there’s no need to pay for repairs out of pocket. Getting a professional to inspect your roof can help you determine whether you can file a warranty claim or not. They can also help you make a timely filing of the warranty claim.

  1. To highlight any necessary improvements.

A professional roof inspection also helps you identify any building improvements you can make to your home. For instance, the increased installation of electronic equipment in most homes, calls for the installation of lightning protection, especially if yours is an older house.

Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

You may be thinking that you can handle inspecting your roof on your own and maybe save on the costs you might incur by hiring roofing professionals to do it. However, choosing professional roof inspection services comes with some benefits:

  • Safety

Hiring professional roofers to inspect your roof minimizes the risk of accidents occurring if you chose to do it yourself. If you don’t know your way around a roof you could end up falling from a ladder or the roof and sustaining injuries. Professional roofers have the necessary gear, tools, and insurance to protect themselves and your roof.

  • Experience.

It takes a trained eye to spot some minor roofing issues such as missing or damaged shingles, small holes, mold, and rot, etc. before they bloom to something major.

  • Cost-effectiveness.

Regular roof inspection and maintenance can identify and help you deal with problem areas before they turn into major repairs that cost a lot of time and money to fix. If you’re tempted to skip the inspection, remember that the cost of an annual roof inspection is minimal compared to installing a new roof, fixing interior damage to your home, or mold remediation.

  • Prolonging your roof’s lifespan.

No roof lasts forever but with proper care and maintenance, prompt replacement of missing or damaged shingles, and leakage repair, you can extend its lifespan. The best way to identify these issues while meeting your warranty requirements is by getting the roof regularly inspected by roofing experts.

Professional Roof Inspection Services in Georgia

Regular inspections from the roofing specialists at Christian Brothers Roofing can help protect your home, your family, and your investment. We have a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated team of roofing experts who are committed to providing quality and reliable roofing services to residents in and around Georgia. Our roofing services include roof inspection, replacement, and repair and we provide these services for both domestic and commercial buildings.

At Christian Brothers Roofing, we understand how important your roof is to your comfort and safety. That is why over the years we have dedicated ourselves to building a reputation for providing excellent, reliable roofing services and our customers have come to trust us with their roofing needs. So call us today at 770-734-6700 to schedule your roof inspection and to let us know how we can meet any other roofing needs you have.

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