Whenever you have a roofing job, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. This goes for both residential and commercial roofing jobs. However, you can’t go getting quotes from any roofer. You need to be sure that they have the experience and skills to handle the job.

If you’re the owner of a commercial building in need of roof repairs or replacement, you may find yourself wondering if the local residential roofing company can do the job. After all, roofers are not all the same. There’s a difference between those who do residential roofing and those who carry out commercial roofing, even though some in the industry do both.

The main difference comes from the types of roofs these roofing contractors work on. Residential roofing jobs involve roof inspection, maintenance, and repair of roofs for residential houses. Commercial roofing on the other hand is concerned with factories, office buildings, and schools, among others.

The differences in these two types of roofs –residential and commercial, means that roofers require different skills to work on them. The key differences include:

  • The design –residential roofs typically have a higher pitch than commercial roofs. Additionally, the low slope or flat roofs for commercial buildings often accommodate various installations such as pipes and HVAC units. The commercial roof contractor needs to know how to work around all these.
  • The materials – asphalt shingles are the main material used for most residential roofs in the country as they’re easy to install, affordable, and durable. Commercial roofs require different materials due to their design and often use gravel, modified bitumen, or tar, among other materials. These roofs also have multiple layers. The roofer working on the commercial roof needs to be familiar with the installation and maintenance of these layers and materials.
  • Roof installation and repair –due to their size, installing or repairing commercial roofs is often a huge undertaking and often requires several weeks compared to most residential roof jobs that can be completed in days.

Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company

A residential roofing company can do commercial roofing as well. However, you have to consider the following:

  • Do they have the necessary skills for the job?
  • Can they provide references you can call and do they have positive reviews and testimonials?
  • Have they worked on a commercial roof that’s similar to yours or done a similar job?
  • What are their qualifications and expertise?
  • How long have they been in business? A business that’s been there for years is deemed more stable and experienced than one that’s just started.

Do your research and get professional roofing contractors with expertise, experience, and skills in the type of roofing you need so you don’t end up with low-quality work and additional problems.

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